Ariel Helwani’s “The MMA Hour” is like a magical tree that yields a different, and often succulent, piece of fruit every day. Once, we got to see Jason “Mayhem” Miller have an epic meltdown, and other times we’ve seen fighter after fighter put their feet in their mouths and damage their own careers. Well, today we got a particularly interesting segment with World Series of Fighting matchmaker Ali Abdel-Aziz, who took his time with the figurative conch shell as an opportunity to issue a roster versus roster challenge to Bellator MMA. Yup, WSOF vs. Bellator.

This is either just lazy matchmaking, an awesome trolljob or a pretty cool idea that will never, ever become a reality. Be that as it may, Abdel-Aziz went through the trouble of making this neato graphic, so let’s humor him and examine it.

WSOF vs. Bellator

Aside from some interesting matchups, it’s worth pointing out that Eddie Alvarez is listed as a “hostage” on that imaginary fight card, so Abdel-Aziz deserves a hearty “LOL” for that one.

Would a pay-per-view card featuring the number one and number two MMA organization in the world ever happen? Not in a million years, especially since pay-per-view revenue complicates things and the risk of devaluing a particular product is so great. But it’s at least something interesting to ponder, no?