It may come as a surprise to many MMA fans, but there’s a whole side of the sport that exists beyond the confines of the cage. It is an aspect never seen on any pay-per-view broadcast, a world that encompasses more than just the fights, fighter walkouts and the sanitized faux-drama of countdown shows. And Bleacher Report scribe Duane Finley is hopping into his car and driving cross-country to tell it. Here he is talking about this potentially monumental undertaking:

On Jan. 6, I am jumping in my trusty Nissan Altima and embarking on a mission that will cover over 4,000 miles and tackle subjects across the fighting community that have never been addressed—at least not in the way I intend to.

I have an all-star list of fighters and coaches who have agreed to take part in this project and who are willing to share their insights and experiences for the greater good of the bigger story. There will be more than a few surprises added in as we go, and the ultimate end goal is to give you the most in-depth look at variety of topics pertinent to this sport we all love and follow.

Having followed the local MMA scene for over a decade, and examining nearly every aspect of it with a microscope, I’m excited at the prospect of Finley seeing and reporting on the stuff that happens “off camera”. Whether it’s about gym visits, nights “out with the boys”, or even just the minor successes and failures that occur every day, the potential stories Finley will be able to tell are both limitless and compelling.

Should you follow along as Finley goes on his journey? Absolutely. You should pay close attention, if for no other reason than to gain insight into what goes on unseen in mixed martial arts.

It’s a big world out there, and MMA journalism as we know it has thus far only scratched the surface.