There’s nothing like a heartfelt apology, and what Luiz Dutra offered up for his UFC Fight Night 34 transgression – which saw him disqualified for elbowing opponent Kiichi Kunimoto in the back of the head repeatedly – is nothing like a heartfelt apology.

In an interview with MMAJunkie, the Brazilian Luta Livre rep admits that the fault for the infraction lies with him, and says that he was caught up in the moment and wanted to prove that he belonged in the UFC. But…

However, he said he’s not totally to blame for the aftermath, which included Kunimoto being carried out of the cage on a stretcher. Dutra, though, said he ultimately has only himself to blame.

“He exaggerated for a fact,” Dutra said. “As I see it, he could have returned. He didn’t return, I believe, because I was making things hard for him since I figured him out. … In truth, he played it up to some extent. But there’s no room for opinion because the rule is clear: Strikes to the back of the head are illegal. My intent was to soften him up after I stifled his takedown attempt. I made a mistake.

There’s a special place for fighters like Dutra, whose Octagon debuts end in disqualification: the unemployment line. No word yet on whether or not the Brazilian still has a job.