As awful as it was to see, ex-champ Anderson Silva was not the first fighter to ever break his leg on a checked kick in a UFC bout. At UFC: Fight for the Troops on December 10, 2008, lightweight TUF 5 veteran Corey Hill threw a low-kick at opponent Dale Hartt and wound up on the mat, incapacitated and in extreme pain with a fractured tibia and fibula. Hill spoke to MMAFighting about his perspective, and provided some insight as to what Silva may be facing in his recovery.

“It’s horrible. It’s always what people don’t see. I could tell you my side, but I’m sure my wife, she’ll tell you a different side. The nights that you stay up crying, partly because of the injury, but mostly because it’s your pain. The minute [Silva] broke his leg, I remembered ice and elevation and bed sores. You can’t move. You’re immobile. You pretty much live your life on pain pills as best as possible. It’s just an absolute, indescribable feeling. The initial pain, I tell people, find a steel pole, and just give it the hardest (kick) you can, your best roundkick to that pole. Literally. Don’t pull up. Try to kick through this pole, and that will be less than half of the actual pain you’ll have. It’s just horrendous.

Hill eventually returned to the cage, albeit not to UFC-level competition. He’s amassed a 4-4 record since his injury, with his last fight resulting in a loss via decision on December 14, 2013.