Miesha Tate can move to the front of the line in terms of women’s MMA if she can upset Ronda Rousey and become the UFC female bantamweight champion at UFC 168 tonight.

Back when she was the Strikeforce champion, Tate was submitted by Rousey in the first round.

For this rematch, though, she believes things will be different for two reasons.

“As much as this sport is physical, it is more mental and emotional,” she said, during a recent pre-fight press conference. “I learned that the hard way. The mistake I made was corrected.

“That won’t happen again.”

Tate, who has fielded questions about Rousey for several months after the two were coaches on The Ultimate Fighter. And, while she said answering those questions was annoying, she added “nothing is worse than dealing with her on The Ultimate Fighter.

“A couple of interviews are not going to scare me away. I am ready to fight.”