Few would argue that UFC 168 tomorrow night could be one of the biggest cards in MMA history, thanks to names like Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman, Ronda Rousey, and Miesha Tate, among others.

While Josh Barnett and his scrap with Travis Browne is another reason the card is a ‘can’t miss’, it doesn’t seem like “The Warmaster” really cares about the event’s popularity. In fact, it doesn’t really sound like the rugged vet is too smitten with modern MMA to begin with.

Recently, the former champ relayed that Saturday is “just another fight”, despite the fanfare behind UFC 168. In a more recent interview, Barnett had this to say about today’s MMA (comments via MMA Junkie.com):

“I think there’s too much athleticism and too little skill now,” Barnett said. “It’s far easier to be a mediocre skill guy with a lot of athleticism or a skilled guy in one area and so-so in the rest.”

“I’ve seen so many fights in my life at this point, it takes something special to pique my interest,” Barnett noted, after reportedly saying the UFC is “over saturated” . “It’s not because I hate watching fights. It’s just a lot of fights don’t intrigue me.”

How about that? Of course, Barnett is not the first person to argue that there’s too many bouts these days, and therefore, it’s hard to get buzzed about all of them. That said, for hardcore fans, there’s no such thing as over saturation.

Regardless of whether you agree with Barnett’s views or not, there’s no question his bout with Browne is huge. Especially now that the winner will move on to face Fabricio Werdum in a title shot eliminator.

UFC 168 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.