UFC female bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has gone rounds with Nick Diaz during practice sessions in California.

So when Rousey was asked about the status of the one-time UFC contender during a recent interview on FOX Sports Live, it came with more importance than just a casual observer.

“I think he will (return to fight in 2014),” Rousey stated. “Nick’s been fighting for a really long time. This sport puts a lot of miles on you quickly.

“If he feels he needs a rest…you can’t fight for anyone other than yourself. You can’t fight sooner than you feel like you should.”

Diaz retired after a loss to Georges St-Pierre, much like he did following a defeat at the hands of Carlos Condit. UFC president Dana White recently stated he asked Diaz to return and face Condit again, but the ex-Strikeforce champion turned the bout down.

Rousey is slated to defend her title this Saturday at UFC 168 against Miesha Tate.