Heading into UFC 162, there were plenty of fans and pundits who said Chris Weidman would be the man to end Anderson Silva’s historic reign as middleweight champ. The reason being, they said, was because of the fighter’s ridiculously good wrestling skills and dominant top game.

Of course, in the end Weidman won, but not via ground-and-pound or submission. Instead, the new champ took out Silva with a thumping left hook as he showboated. So how will their UFC 168 scrap unfold? Well, according to Weidman, an even better “All American” will be stepping into the Octagon Saturday night (comments via MMA Junkie.com):

“I’m not a big fan of the first fight because I don’t think I looked that good, to be honest with you,” Weidman said. “I know I can be a lot better.”

“I was coming off that year layoff, had two surgeries, so I felt a little rusty in there,” Weidman said of their first meeting. “There are some things I didn’t do. I’m very critical of myself, so there are a lot of things I assume I could have done differently.”

So, in other words, maybe Weidman’s vaunted grappling game wasn’t at it’s best when he faced Silva. Or, maybe Weidman’s being overly critical of his performance. These questions are just further reasons why the back story to this fight is so compelling. Who has even heard one ‘meh’ while discussing Weidman-Silva II?

UFC 168 will go down at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.