It’s been a little while now since Georges St. Pierre announced he’s stepping away from fighting, and fans, pundits and fighters continue to weigh in on whether the renowned star will fight again. Dana White has stated several times that he’s confident St. Pierre will return, once the personal issues he’s cited get straightened out, and Johny Hendricks believes sooner or later GSP will get the itch to fight once more.

Well, one man who evidently believes St. Pierre’s storied career has likely come to an end is Jake Ellenberger. In a recent interview with MMA, here is some of what the welterweight contender had to say about GSP’s future and his decision to vacate the belt:

“To be honest, I don’t think he’s going to fight again,” Ellenberger said. “Who knows – he might. But whatever it is, it’s something outside that’s big enough distraction mentally that he’s got to take a break. But it opens up a lot of doors at the same time.”

“It was definitely surprising,” Ellenberger noted. “(But) I was surprised at how much grief he got. People need to cut him some slack. You see how dominant he was for as long as he was. If there’s anybody who should be able to take a break, I think he should be able to.”

There’s no question that St. Pierre put a ton of time in the Octagon and has battled the very best of the best for years.

And what does Ellenberger think of Robbie Lawler getting tapped to fight Hendricks for the vacant title at UFC 171 on March 15th? “The Juggernaut” conceded that Lawler is at “right place at the right time” thanks to three consecutive wins.

That fight, which will be hosted by the American Airlines Arena in Dallas,  could be an absolute barn burner.