Chances are if you’ve had a discussion lately regarding the status of MMA, and where the sport can be improved, it didn’t take long before judging and scoring were mentioned. Of course, even if you’ve only followed MMA for a couple of months, then you know those are two key issues that need to be reformed.

Well, in an interesting editorial Alex Davis has authored for MMA, the renowned manager notes that late strikes to downed fighters is also a troubling issue. Yes, like when Dan Henderson landed a monster, follow up shot to the unconscious Michael Bisping (to cite one of the more watched and discussed examples).

Here is some of what Davis had to say in his article:

Most of the time, this happens just because it is in the heat of battle, and these boys are out there to win and are not stopping until the referee steps in, which is correct according to the current MMA rules. But I do think it is unethical, in the same way we know that is wrong and unethical to have Rousimar Palhares holding on to people’s limbs after they have tapped. If you think about it, it’s really the same, if not even worse – a knocked out fighter cannot tap!

There are still many holes in the judging system, and many fights wind up with controversial endings as some of the people judging still do not seem to have the experience to be handling that role. But these late shots are just another aspect of the sport that should be addressed to make the sport of MMA safer and as fan-friendly as possible without taking the essence away.

It’s pretty hard to argue with that. While as Davis noted, many of these extra shots aren’t done with an intent to injure, it doesn’t change the fact that they could seriously harm a fighter. MMA is prize fighting, as in to win money and awards; it’s not supposed to be about hospitalizing someone for a prolonged period of time.

Davis also complimented fighters like Lyoto Machida for not following up with another shot on Mark Munoz at UFC FN 30, and Brian Stann for laying off Alessio Sakara at UFC on FUEL TV 2 last year. Both men definitely showed a lot of class and professionalism in those bouts.