Georges St. Pierre never used the word retirement when he announced he was vacating the title next week, but the MMA star never said he’d fight again for sure either. The 32 year-old left the door open to a comeback, but when asked up front if it was a certainty, the Canadian was non-committal. As a result, there’s certainly more than a few people who believe GSP might not ever step into the Octagon again.

One man who evidently isn’t in that camp, however, is none other than Johny Hendricks. The very man that so many fans would like to see fight GSP again. While speaking to the Sherdog Radio Network recently, here’s what “Bigg Rigg” had to say when he was asked if he thinks St. Pierre will return:

“Deep down inside of me, do I think GSP is coming back? Yeah, I do,” said Hendricks, who will battle Robbie Lawler for the vacant welterweight title March 15th,

“Whenever I quit wrestling, it took me about five months and I was like, ‘Dude, I really want to wrestle,’” Hendricks said. “That’s just the competitor in me that I still wanted to be an elite wrestler, but I transferred over to MMA, so I had something to transfer over to, to keep myself motivated and push myself to the limits. I don’t know what GSP’s going to transfer over to, but if he doesn’t transfer over to something that keeps his drive there …So I know that’s what’s going to happen is he’ll probably take five, six months, maybe even a year off, and he’ll have the itch to come back and start training again, and once that happens, he’ll be back.”

It’s completely possible, as many athletes, fighters or not, have decided to compete again after taking a break. If St. Pierre doesn’t fight for longer period, like say a year or two, then the question becomes should he come back? Would he be able to compete at the same level?

One things for sure, if and when GSP does, think about the kind of buzz and talk it will create?