When Georges St. Pierre relayed, after his UFC 167 bout with Johny Hendricks, that he was going to step away for a while, no one knew at the time what exactly that meant. Was GSP going to take several months off? Or return at the end of 2014? Hendricks eventually grabbed headlines by telling St. Pierre that “if you can’t handle being champion, give it up.”

Well, just a few days later, the renowned fighter announced that he was vacating the welterweight title, since he’s not sure if and when he’ll fight again. Now, in a follow up report with Bleacher Report, Hendricks had this to say about St. Pierre’s prompt decision.

“I was very relieved it all moved quickly,” said Hendricks, who lost via split decision to GSP on November 16th. “I’m very thankful that GSP came back quickly because he could have taken two months to do this and come up with his decision. But he did it quickly, and now we can move forward. I’m very grateful for that.”

Of course, moving forward means that Hendricks will face Robbie Lawler for the vacant title March 15th at UFC 171. Here is some of what “Bigg Rigg” had to say about Lawler, who has also been known to end an opponent’s night with one crushing shot.

“I know [Lawler] is very talented. I know he has some power in his hands, and that’s what makes this fight exciting. Who is going to touch who and who is going to counter the other’s power? That’s what we have figure out. I’m happy to have coaches I have on my side, and they are already figuring out great ways we can win this fight. And we’ll move forward from there.”

It should be an interesting night. UFC 171 will be hosted by the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas.