If you’re like most fans, then chances are you were really, really hoping that Georges St. Pierre would stick around for a rematch with Johny Hendricks, considering the memorable and controversial battle they had at UFC 167. Hendricks lived up to his billing as St. Pierre’s greatest challenge yet, and it would have been fascinating to see how a second fight would have unfolded.

As we all know, GSP stuck by his guns and has decided to step away from fighting, and it certainly sounds like the star made the right decision.Well, while appearing on the latest edition of “The MMA Hour”, here is some of what Hendricks had to say about St. Pierre’s decision and the pressure that comes with being champ (comments via MMA Fighting.com):

“I don’t care about that,” said Hendricks, while repeating what he relayed immediately following his November 16th scrap with St. Pierre.  “Here’s the thing, if I fight GSP again I fight him again. If I don’t, I don’t. My world doesn’t revolve around him. It revolves around that belt. And that’s what I’ve been saying this whole time.”

“I want the target on my back,” he said. “I want everybody to come after me. That’s been my goal since I started fighting. Is that I want the gold and I want everybody to sit there saying, ‘I want to beat that guy.’

When asked if he was surprised by GSP’s decision, Hendricks reportedly stated he wasn’t, since “he knew he’d have to fight me again.” Hendricks did note that St. Pierre could return to fight him again, and that you “don’t know what the future’s going to hold.”

While St. Pierre may be somewhat intimidated to fight Hendricks again, considering their first bout, it’s hard to imagine the welterweight calling it quits because of “Bigg Rigg”. GSP may have his critics, but it sounds like the former champ has been planning to step away for a while now.