Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva confirmed reports that Chael Sonnen asked him to be a coach on The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 in 2014 during a conference call Tuesday.

Silva, who is set to face Chris Weidman for the UFC title next Saturday at UFC 168, explained he was unable to accept the invitation.

“Yes, Chael called (Ed Soares, manager for Silva),” he said. “Unfortunately, I won’t be in Brazil so I won’t be able to accept. But it would be great for the sport because all the athletes on the house will be Brazilian.

“It would be an honor to be on the show no matter which team to help the sport and the athletes.”

With those words, it sounded as if Silva would be interested in coaching TUF – something he has yet to do.

“Everything is possible,” he said, when asked about that. “My focus is on this fight, so I’m not thinking about anything else.”