As everyone knows, there was a ton of speculation that Georges St. Pierre was either considering retirement or taking a break prior to UFC 167, and now we can see why. The star has vacated the welterweight belt and it’s not certain if he’ll fight again. But was this something new? Or has been GSP thinking about stepping away for a while?

Well, the fighter’s coach Firas Zahabi appeared on the latest edition of “The MMA Hour” Monday, and offered these interesting insights (comments via MMA

“I think before the (Johny) Hendricks fight, he had mixed feelings,” said Zahabi. “Before the (Carlos) Condit fight, he had mixed feelings. He went back-and-forth. But the problem is, I was always cutting him off because I didn’t want to talk to him about it in camp. He had three fights in 18 months (actually 12 months) so we didn’t have time to have a deep discussion on it.”

“Does he have the motivation to fight? Right now he doesn’t. Right now he has the motivation to take care of his personal issues. If he doesn’t, he’s going to end up depressed, alone. The guy has to balance his life. His life is to the extreme and you can’t be a soldier forever. The guy has been fighting for too long, missing too many birthdays, too many weddings, too many life experiences. He wants to balance his life out.  If you were to spend a day with Georges, you’ll be exhausted. There is so much going on it’s ridiculous. It’s crazy.”

Zahabi spoke in length about the fighter, but also added that issues in St. Pierre’s personal life are at the “foundation of all this.” In addition, the Tristar trainer noted that this is “the happiest” he’s ever seen GSP, and that the Canadian is sleeping better after “suffering” from stress for so long. When you hear that, it’s pretty hard to argue he made the right decision to step away.

Now fans will just have to make do with Hendricks-Lawler on March 15th. It should be a doozy.