For Johny Hendricks, it never mattered if it was Georges St-Pierre standing across from him with the UFC welterweight title on the line.

So, it’s of no surprise that “Bigg Rigg” is quite content facing Robbie Lawler in 2014 at UFC 171 for the now-vacant title.

“Super-excited,” said Hendricks, of meeting Lawler, during an appearance on The MMA Hour Monday. “You’re going to be fighting in Dallas – your own backyard – (and against) a very tough opponent (in) Robbie Lawler.

“Who wouldn’t be excited for that.”

Hendricks (15-2) was denied his chance at becoming a champion by GSP earlier this year, dropping a split decision to him. St-Pierre announced last week plans to step away from MMA for now, vacating the title in the process.

The former Oklahoma State University standout made it clear he could care less if he ever fights St-Pierre again.

“My world doesn’t revolve around him; it revolves around that belt,” he said. “I’m not fighting GSP…I want what he carried around to all those press conferences; that’s what I was fighting for and that’s still what I’m fighting for.”