Depending on how many ‘pops’ you had ingested, you may or may not have noticed last night during UFC on FOX 9, that Cody McKenzie entered the Octagon with the price tags still on his shorts. Not only that, but the lightweight’s shorts weren’t exactly the kind you normally see fighters wearing…

At any rate, referee Herb Dean eventually noticed the price tags and ripped them off, as Sam Stout went on to score a unanimous decision win. So, that’s a wrap and time to move on right? Well, UFC President Dana White evidently isn’t too thrilled about the fact that McKenzie’s shorts weren’t properly inspected beforehand (comments via MMA

“What that was is UFC amateur hour”, White said after the show, which went down in Sacramento, California

“We have a guy backstage who policies all the things when you got a guy going out there,” White said. “First of all, if it’s not bad enough that he’s out there with basketball shorts on, how about he’s got the price tag still on the shorts during the fight?

“So, it’s pretty embarrassing.”

White added that although McKenzie is a “strange dude” the incident isn’t the TUF vet’s fault. Price tags and short talk aside, the loss dropped McKenzie’s 3-4. Stout, on the other hand, improved his lengthy Octagon record to 9-8.