Welcome to Five Ounces of Pain’s coverage of UFC on FOX 9, which promises to be an action-packed card full of top talent.  Keep hitting refresh for updates!  The card starts at 4:30 PM EST

Alp Ozkilic vs Darren Uyenoyama

Round 1:  Ozkilic starts thing off with an inside low kick.  Uyenoyama shoots for an outside single, and gets Ozkilic down, although Ozkilic fights the takedown well.  Uyenoyama inside the full guard, and Ozkilic goes for an armbar, into an omoplata.  Uyenoyama escapes and takes a cradle, shooting back into a takedown, pinning Ozkilic against the fence.  Ozkilic uses the underhook to reverse, and is now on top, with Uyenoyama in full guard.  Ozkilic postures and stands up.  Uyenoyama lands a head kick but Ozkilic looking okay.  Another outside single for Uyenoyama, but Ozkilic shrugs it off.  Uyenoyama attempts a takedown off a right hand, but it’s Ozkilic who ends up on top after winning the clinch battle.  Ozkilic attempts an elbow from the top, but Uyenoyama controls posture well.  Uyenoyama goes for high guard, but Ozkilic lands a good right hand.  Ozkilic stands, and Uyenoyama lands a few more kicks.  Very close round.  10-9 Ozkilic

Round 2:  More kicks from Uyenoyama to start round 2, and he shoots another outside single.  Ozkilic does an excellent job reversing and winds up on top in half guard.  Uyenoyama recovers full guard.  Uyenoyama shoots a triangle and Ozkilic stands out.  Good uppercut from Ozkilic.  Another takedown attempt from Uyenoyama, but he quickly pulls guard.  Some punches from Ozkilic, but nothing significant.  Mike Beltran stands the fighters up.  Body shot from Ozkilic.  Another uppercut from Ozkilic, and Uyenoyama attempts to pull guard again.  Uyenoyama shoots an outside single and Ozkilic ends up on top.  Uyenoyama landing some hammerfists from double feet on hips, but Ozkilic returns fire.  Ozkilic stands up.  Ozkilic staggers Uyenoyama with a right hand, but Ozkilic’s nose is bloodied.  Three good leg kicks from Uyenoyama to close out the round.  Very close again.  10-9 Ozkilic

Round 3:  Uyenoyama starts off the round with a good head kick.  Big right hand from Ozkilic.  Uyenoyama goes to the double collar tie and Ozkilic landing good body shots.  Ozkilic gets the takedown.  Good elbow from Ozkilic inside the full guard.  Uyenoyama gets a very good high guard position, but Ozkilic stands up.  Uyenoyama attempts a high flying kick, but doesn’t land cleanly.  More good strikes from Ozkilic, as Uyenoyama flops to his back to pull guard.  Both standing now, with Ozkilic landing the cleaner shots.  Uyenoyama shoots another outside single, and ends up on his back again.  Uyenoyama lands a good elbow from the bottom, but momentum isn’t on his side.  Ozkilic postures out again, but then takes Uyenoyama back down from the clinch.  High guard from Uyenoyama with a minute left.  Ozkilic stands up again, and lands a good uppercut.  Only clear round of the fight.  10-9 Ozkilic.  30-27 Ozkilic, but a 29-28 Uyenoyama score would not surprise.

Alp Ozkilic def Darren Uyenoyama via Split Decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)

Roger Bowling vs Abel Trujillo

Round 1:  Both landing big early, and Bowling lands a huge right straight.  Trujillo goes for a body lock and attempts to take Roger down.  Bowling sweeps with the butterfly hook to top position briefly, but Trujillo re-shoots.  Bowling counters with a guillotine and ends up on top in half guard.  Trujillo gets out and wings a right hand and a knee.  Both guys throwing very big shots.  Trujillo lands a good knee from the clinch to the body.  Trujillo staggers Bowling with a right hand.  More good knees to the body.  Bowling sporting a cut under his right eye.  Bowling shoots a takedown, but Trujillo reverses very well and ends up on top in side control.  Bowling recovers closed guard.  Bowling attempts to stand, and Trujillo lands some good knees to the body and punches to the head as the two separate.  Without question, 10-9 Trujillo.

Round 2:  Bowling lands a leg kick to start the round, but Trujillo takes him down after a second attempt into side control.  Bowling does a good job of standing, but Trujillo lands a knee on the exit.  Trujillo catches a kick and gets Bowling down again.  Bowling looking for a guillotine, and Trujillo gets out.  Trujillo lands some absolute bombs from on top, and John McCarthy briefly considers stopping it.  Bowling manages to get back to his feet, and Trujillo continues the onslaught, forcing the end of the fight.

Abel Trujillo def Roger Bowling via TKO (Punches Rd. 2)

Sam Stout vs Cody Mckenzie

Round 1:  Stout throws a right hand to the body early.  Mckenzie shoots a takedown, pulls half guard, and sweeps Stout to top position.  Mckenzie already looking for the guillotine from the top of half guard.  Stout manages to stand and get out.  Mckenzie manages to drag Stout back down though, holding Stout against the fence.  Stout breaks free with three minutes left in the round.  Stout with a head kick, but Mckenzie returns with a jab.  Mckenzie lands his own head kick.  Mckenzie shoots, and Stout lands a knee on the way in.  Mckenzie surprisingly confident with his boxing.  Stout lands two good body kicks, and Mckenzie returns with a head kick.  Stout drops Mckenzie with a body shot.  Another one hurts Mckenzie.  Another kick to the body from Stout.  Close round.  Late effectiveness makes it a 10-9 Stout.

Round 2:  More body shots from Stout to start round two.  Mckenzie shoots a low single but Stout gets out.  Another takedown attempt from Mckenzie, but Stout easily defends.  Cody attempts to punch his way into a takedown, but Stout circles out.  Another takedown attempt from Mckenzie, but there’s nothing.  Stout unable to land anything big.  Stout catches a kick and lets Mckenzie back up.  Cody lands a good left hand.  Stout trips on a head kick attempt, and lands a good right straight to the body.  Another good straight to the body, but Mckenzie returns fire.  He’s showing little urgency to finish, but it’s a clear 10-9 Stout.

Round 3:  Stout lands a right hand after catching a kick.  Stout lands another right.  Mckenzie shoots another takedown, and Stout attempts a guillotine of his own, but Mckenzie gets up.  More good body shots from Stout.  Mckenzie needs a miracle, but Stout still showing little desire to finish.  Stout briefly takes Mckenzie’s back, and lets him up.  More conservative striking from Stout.  Mckenzie shoots an outside single, and Stout briefly moves to mount.  Mckenzie reaps the knee and goes for a heel hook, but Stout escapes as the round expires.  Not an entertaining fight at all.  10-9 Stout.  30-27 Stout, although a 29-28 would not surprise.

Sam Stout def Cody Mckenzie via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Scott Jorgensen vs Zack Makovsky

Round 1:  The fighters trade leg kicks early, and Makovsky is the first to look for a takedown, but Jorgensen hits him with several good punches.  Single leg from Makovsky, and he transitions to Jorgensen’s back.  Jorgensen stands and gets out.  Makovsky lands a straight left.  Jorgensen lands a right hand and looks for his own takedown, now holding Makovsky against the fence.  Makovsky gets out.  Makovsky throws a spinning back fist.  Makovsky cracks Jorgensen with a huge left uppercut.  Makovsky looks for a takedown and Jorgensen now looking for a guillotine.  Makovsky stands and gets out.  Another takedown attempt from Makovsky, but it’s stuffed.  Big straight left from Makovsky.  Huge left again from the southpaw Makovsky.  Jorgensen drags Makovsky own and attempts to take the back, but Makovsky recovers.  Jorgensen drags him down with twenty seconds left in the round, but Makovsky sweeps him beautifully.  Easily 10-9 Makovsky.

Round 2:  Makovsky is the first to look for a takedown, and the two engage in a fantastic clinch battle, with Jorgensen ending up with a deep guillotine on top in half guard.  Makovsky gets up and takes Jorgensen back down.  Jorgensen uses the fence to attempt to stand.  Makovsky looks to take the back, but Jorgensen gets separation.  Jorgensen stuffs a takedown attempt.  Makovsky lands an okay left straight.  Makovsky flubs a takedown, and Jorgensen on top now in half guard with a good over under.  Makovsky recovers guard and gets back up, but Jorgensen presses him against the fence.  Makovsky gets separation, and lands a superman punch.  Makovsky lands a good head kick to close out a round that could go either way.  Barely 10-9 Jorgensen

Round 3:  A body kick and superman punch from Makovsky start the round.  Jorgensen is the first to look for a takedown but can’t get it.  Makovsky misses on a spinning backfist.  Makovsky shoots a takedown and Jorgensen presses him against the fence.  Makovsky shoots and Jorgensen defends.  Makovksy shoots an outside single and slams Jorgensen down, but Jorgensen uses the momentum to reverse and ends up on top in closed guard.  Jorgensen looking for a can opener.  The two scrambling now, and Makovsky ends up on top.  Jorgensen gives his back and uses it to reverse.  Jorgensen looks for a guillotine but Makovsky gets out.  Jorgensen lands a big uppercut, and a left hook.  Makovsky returns fire and shoots a takedown, but Jorgensen again looking for a guillotine.  Jorgensen rolls backward and briefly ends up on top, but Makovsky manages to reverse and ends up mounting Jorgensen.  Jorgensen gives his back and Makovsky has both hooks in.  Makovsky looks for a rear naked choke, but Jorgensen is safe.  Makovsky moving to a triangle from the back now.  A very close round ends with control for Makovsky, edging it for him.  10-9 Makovsky in an excellent performance and fight.  29-28 Makovsky.

Zack Makovsky def Scott Jorgensen via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Bobby Green vs Pat Healy

Round 1:  Green keeping his lead hand low early.  Green manages to take Healy’s back and drag him down, but Healy’s quickly back up.  Healy moving forward and Green looking to counter.  Green lands a good right hand.  Healy gets Green against the fence but Green easily circles off.  Good body shot from Healy.  Healy finally gets Green against the fence and starts dragging him down.  Green posting with his left hand, but Healy advancing to his back as Green stands.  Green gets away and waves Healy on.  The two exchange punches.  Some good jabs from Green, but Healy continues to move forward.  Great stiff jab from Green.  Left hook from Healy as he drags Green down against the fence.  Green stands up and Healy keeps him against the fence.  Green gets out and the two exchange punches again.  Healy remains the aggressor with both landing.  Very close round.  10-9 Healy

Round 2:  Green with both hands down again, using footwork and head movement very well early.  Green cracks Healy with a left straight.  Another.  Healy continues to chase him down, and Green gets uot of a low single.  Green cracks Healy with a right straight, and Healy just chases him.  Green manages to take Healy’s back standing, but Healy squares up and lands an elbow in the clinch as the two separate.  Healy manages to close the distance and drags Green down, now on top with Green’s back.  Healy with no hooks.  Healy flubs the back take as Green stands and pins Healy against the fence.  Healy bleeding now.  Healy again pushes Green against the fence, and Green gets out but Healy lands a right hand on the exit.  Green shoots a takedown, but Healy defends.  Good jab from Green, but Healy remains the aggressor, and looks for a takedown against the fence.  Healy landing as Green attempts to stand.  Front kick from Green, but Healy keeps moving forward.  Green takes Healy down but Healy quickly escapes as the round expires.  Another very close round that could go either way.  10-9 Green

Round 3:  Healy starts aggressive, but Green lands the cleaner blows early and stuffs a Healy takedown attempt.  Good right straight from Green, and Healy is wobbled.  Healy presses forward, but Green pins him against the fence.  Healy lands the better strikes against the fence as the two separate.  Green continues to counter well, landing effective blows, and Healy pins him against the fence.  Healy on top now and Green gives his back.  Two minutes left.  Green stands and Healy falls off as Green pushes him against the fence.  Healy continues to chase Green, and Green looks for a takedown.  Green gets it, and Healy looks to use the fence to stand.  Healy manages to reverse and closes out the round on top of Green, landing some good shots in a round, and fight that could easily go either way.  10-9 Green.  29-28 Green.

Bobby Green def Pat Healy via Unanimous Decision  (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Danny Castillo vs Edson Barboza

Round 1:  Barboza shows the jab and Castillo looks for an early takedown which is easily stuffed.  Another one is shrugged off.  Castillo throws a big straight right, but Barboza returns and lands a spinning back kick to the body.  Good overhand from Castillo.  Barboza is dropped!  Barboza recovers and Danny takes him down into mount.  Barboza gives his back and Castillo looks for a choke.  Barboza miraculously escapes, and Castillo pounds away from the top, now in half guard.  Big hammerfists from Castillo but Barboza recovers closed guard.  Castillo postures and lands a big right, but Barboza manages to get to his knees.  Castillo now on top with Barboza turtling.  Castillo looks to sink in the RNC, but Barboza miraculously escapes again.  Huge hammerfists from Castillo again.  Barboza now has recovered closed guard, and he’s cut.  Barboza looks for a heel hook from the bottom but Castillo shrugs it off.  Barboza breifly looks for an armbar as Castillo stands.  Some decent upkicks from Barboza.  The round ends with Castillo on top.  10-8 Castillo, but Barboza looks like he’s recovered.

Round 2:  Barboza throws a kick early that is blocked.  First leg kick of the fight from Barboza.  Another big one lands.  Another.  Good spinning back kick to the body from Barboza.  Castillo looks for a takedown which is easily stuffed.  Another two leg kicks from Barboza.  A stuffed takedown from Castillo.  Wheel kick from Barboza which barely misses.  Leg kick from Barboza.  Castillo whiffs on a big right.  Another leg kick, but Castillo not limping yet.  Barboza slips on a kick but recovers.  Another two leg kicks from Barboza.  Barboza drops Castillo with a left hook, and manages to roll into an anaconda choke!  Castillo gives a thumb up.  Barboza lets go, and is now in half guard.  Barboza lets Castillo up and the round ends.  10-9 Barboza

Round 3:  Barboza starts the round with two hard leg kicks.  The third is very audible.  Castillo still moving forward though, throwing jabs and looking for the overhand.  Overhand from Barboza is blocked.  Overhand from Castillo misses.  Another left hook lands for Barboza and he throws a front kick.  Three leg kicks from Barboza, but Castillo returns fire with a big overhand.  Castillo still not limping.  Barboza lands a huge spinning back kick to the body, and Castillo’s face shows pain.  Barboza follows up with a body kick and left hook, but can’t put Castillo away.  Huge left hook from Barboza staggers Castillo.  Another spinning back kick from Barboza.  Barboza attempts to take Castillo down, but Castillo gets up easily.  10-9 Barboza.  28-28 Draw

Edson Barboza def Danny Castillo via Majority Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-28)

Court Mcgee vs Ryan Laflare

Round 1:  Both guys look to be the aggressor early.  Laflare is the first to shoot a takedown and gets it.  Mcgee attempts to stand, but Laflare drags him down.  Mcgee gets up and they separate.  Both landing good body kicks and punches.  Laflare cut by his left eye.  Mcgee lands a good left hand and Laflare comes back with a 1-2.  Mcgee catches a kick and gets on top into side control.  Laflare recovers and briefly attacks a kneebar as they stand up.  Leg kicks from Mcgee but Laflare returns fire.  Left hook from Mcgee lands.  Body kick lands clean for Mcgee.  They trade body kicks to close an otherwise very close round that could go either way.  10-10

Round 2:  Both fighters start where they left off, landing with neither taking a clear edge.  Two good body kicks from Laflare as he paws the jab.  Laflare powers into a takedown and starts landing some good elbows from the guard.  Mcgee gives his back and is able to stand and separate.  Mcgee catches a Laflare body kick and briefly ends up on top, but Laflare recovers as both stand.  Laflare lands two good right hooks.  More body kicks from Laflare.  Laflare gets a body lock and drags Mcgee down to side control with fifty seconds left.  Mcgee is able to turn to his knees and stand up.  Mcgee is bleeding big time.  Court shoots a takedown as time expires.  Clear 10-9 Laflare.

Round 3:  Mcgee counters a Laflare side kick with a good right hand.  The two trade left hooks.  Mcgee catches a Laflare kick and attempts to take him down, but Laflare scrambles back up.  They trade left straights.  Laflare lands a body kick and attempts a takedown which is stuffed.  Mcgee goes for a takedown and pins Laflare against the fence.  Mcgee looks for a guillotine from the top, but Laflare uses the fence to roll out and stands up with a single leg as the two separate.  Mcgee pins Laflare against the fence again with two minutes on the clock, and Laflare attempts a standing kimura.  Laflare briefly drops to his back, and manages to stand up as the two separate.  Good right hand from Laflare.  Laflare shoots a takedown but Mcgee stops it.  Mcgee gets Laflare against the fence and manages to take Laflare down.  Laflare attempts to stand but Mcgee locks up a tight guillotine with 15 seconds remaining.  Laflare gets out and Mcgee ends the round on top landing punches.  Impossible to score this fight.  10-9 Mcgee.  29-29

Ryan Laflare def Court Mcgee via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Joe Lauzon vs Mac Danzig

Round 1:  Both fighters looking to land jabs and left hooks early.  Lauzon closes the distance and drags Danzig down into half guard.  Lauzon gets the mount and throws some big elbows.  Lauzon advances to technical mount and goes for an armbar.  It’s close, but Danzig gets out and is now in Lauzon’s guard.  Lauzon attempts to sweep with the butterfly hooks, and does a good job of preventing effective strikes from Danzig.  Lauzon attempts an armbar from the bottom.  Danzig pulls his arm out, and Lauzon moves into a triangle, then omoplata.  Lauzon fudges it and Danzig gets out as the two stand with Danzig pinning Lauzon against the fence.  Elbow from Lauzon on the exit.  Danzig goes to the body and lands some elbows in the clinch.  The two jockey in the clinch, and Lauzon takes Danzig down again with 40 seconds left in the round, and remains on top without landing anything significant.  10-9 Lauzon

Round 2:  Danzig starts the round with a leg kick.  Danzig lands a good left hook.  Danzig ends a combination with a leg kick, then follows up with a body shot.  Lauzon closes the distance, and Danzig lands a good elbow from the clinch.  The two separate and Danzig lands a good left to the body.  Another combination from Danzig.  Danzig pins Lauzon against the fence, but Lauzon lands some good strikes in the center of the cage.  Lauzon gets the takedown from the clinch with two minutes in the round, and Danzig is content to play closed guard.  Danzig is cut.  Another elbow from Lauzon.  Danzig looking for a guillotine from the bottom, as Lauzon passes to half guard.  Lauzon digs his head into Danzig’s chin to pass, as he lands another elbow.  Lauzon stands briefly and lands a good elbow on the way back down.  He mounts Danzig and goes for an armbar, but time expires.  10-9 Lauzon

Round 3:  Danzig aggressive early knowing he’s behind on the cards.  Body shots, and kicks to the head and legs from Danzig.  Good straight right from Danzig as the fight is briefly stopped due to a head collision.  Good left hook to the body from Danzig.  Good jab from Danzig, and he follows that with a right straight.  Lauzon lands a good elbow in the clinch and takes Danzig down, inside the closed guard again.  Lauzon lands a good elbow and passes to side control, briefly taking the crucifix, then switching to knee on belly, then back to the crucifix.  Big elbows from Lauzon as Danzig’s right arm is trapped.  Danzig attempts to mount and lands a huge elbow.  Lauzon again looks to go to S-mount to armbar with 90 seconds remaining.  Elbows to the body from Lauzon, still in the S-mount.  70 seconds left and Lauzon falls to his back, but doesn’t have the arm, and Danzig briefly gets on top.  Lauzon goes to his knees and gets Danzig down again into guard.  Lauzon passes to the side again, and ends the fight throwing more elbows from the top.  10-9 Lauzon.  30-27 Lauzon

Joe Lauzon def Mac Danzig via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Chad Mendes vs Nik Lentz

Round 1:  Mendes opens with a leg kick and Lentz returns one.  Mendes cracks Lentz with a right hand and Lentz shoots.  Mendes defends and the fight is on.  The two wing shots and Lentz lands a good body kick.  Another good right from Mendes.  Lentz’ nose is bloody, and Mendes takes him down.  Lentz looks for a guillotine but Mendes defends easily.  Lentz sits up and looks for a guillotine, but Mendes puts Lentz on his back again.  Lentz stands up.  Good right hand and left hook from Mendes as Lentz fails on a takedown.  Lentz lands a left hand and barely misses on a head kick.  Another takedown from Mendes, and Lentz looks for another guillotine, but Mendes gets out.  Lentz threatening well and Mendes unable to land anything significant from the top.  Mendes stands up and lands a good right hand.  Mendes takes Lentz down again, but Lentz is the only one landing on the ground.  Clear 10-9 Mendes

Round 2:  Leg kick from Mendes as the two trade hooks.  Two more leg kicks from Mendes, and Lentz returns one of his own.  Good body kick from Lentz.  Mendes wings an overhand that is blocked, but Mendes goes for a takedown and ends in side control.  Lentz gets his knee across and stands back up.  Lentz lands a couple of hooks.  Mendes shoots another takedown, and Lentz fails on another guillotine.  Mendes again unable to do anything from the top as Lentz is the only one throwing as he continually looks for the guillotine.  Mendes postures and lands a good elbow, but Lentz is able to escape and stands up.  Another easy takedown from Mendes.  10-9 Mendes

Round 3:  Lentz starts off with another two good body kicks.  Lentz chases Mendes who briefly falls to his back.  Mendes lands a good counter straight right.  Good right hand from Lentz.  Lentz stuffs a Mendes takedown, and Lentz throws another good body kick.  Lentz more active at this point, but Mendes still throwing power shots.  Mendes catches a body kick and takes Lentz down, but Lentz gets right back up.  Another body kick from Lentz, and another takedown from Mendes.  Lentz back up after a fun scramble.  Knees in the clinch from Lentz.  Flying knee from Mendes and Lentz falls.  Mendes looks for a guillotine, but it’s tough to tell how tight it is.  Lentz has both butterfly hooks so he should be okay.  Lentz stands and Mendes lands a decent right hand.  10-9 Lentz.  29-28 Mendes

Chad Mendes def Nik Lentz via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Urijah Faber vs Michael Mcdonald

Round 1:  Faber lands an early head kick, and quickly takes Mcdonald down.  Mcdonald doing a good job of negating Faber, threatening Faber’s left arm.  Mcdonald loses the control he had and switches to holding on Faber’s head.  Three minutes left in the round and Faber hasn’t landed a significant strike from the top.  Good right hand from Faber.  Mcdonald threatens and negates well, but the crowd isn’t pleased, and Herb Dean stands the fight up.  Faber again looks for the high kick.  Mcdonald lands a good knee, and Faber fails to turn it into a takedown.  Faber lands a good overhand right.  10-9 Faber

Round 2:  Mcdonald barely misses on a long left hook.  Faber shoots a takedown but is stuffed.  Good straight right from Mcdonald.  Huge overhand right from Faber hurts Mcdonald.  Faber lands a front kick and Mcdonald lands a good right of his own.  Mcdonald has recovered.  The striking is more even now, with Faber still looking for his head kick.  Faber cracks Mcdonald with another big right hand, and drops down into a guillotine.  Mcdonald taps, it’s over.

Urijah Faber def Michael Mcdonald via Submission (Guillotine Choke — Rd. 2)

Demetrious Johnson vs Joseph Benavidez

Round 1:  Leg kicks from both early, and Johnson is the first to look for a takedown, but Benavidez stuffs the single leg attempt.  Johnson lands a good high kick as Benavidez continues to rush forward, and Benavidez lands his first significant punch.  Out of nowhere, Johnson cracks Benavidez with a right hook, and knocks Benavidez out cold.  Johnson follows up academically, and violently.

Demetrious Johnson def Joseph Benavidez via KO (Punches — Rd. 1)