Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva prompted gasps, screaming and tears of joy throughout the MMA world at UFC Fight Night 33, by engaging in one of the best heavyweight bouts of all time. Not only that, but their epic war was ruled a majority draw. If that’s not a recipe for a rematch then what is right?

Well, while speaking to MMA recently, Hunt was asked about whether he’s down for another scrap with “Bigfoot”, and here is some of what the feared striker had to say.

“Honestly? No,” Hunt said. “It probably wouldn’t be as good as the first one. It would probably end a lot quicker. So honest opinion, no. Why ruin a good thing?”

Hunt makes a good point, in that, there’s a good chance a rematch wouldn’t live up to what took place during their December 7th battle. Of course, since Hunt broke his hand in two places during the scrap, the 39 year-old will be sidelined for a while any ways.

And what did Hunt think of the majority draw ruling? Which came after five brutal and bloody rounds of action?

“It was pretty even,” Hunt said. “I didn’t mind it being a draw. We still walked out of there and back to our families pretty much in one piece. It could have gone either way. There’s so many arguments you could make about who won the fight or who did more, but who cares? It was a pretty good fight.”

That certainly seems to be the consensus opinion. It should also be noted that Dana White has also relayed that an immediate rematch isn’t in the cards, since Hunt is injured and that Silva will likely want to fight sooner than later.

So, you never know what might happen down the line, but it looks like Hunt-Silva 1 will just have to do for now…