The MMA world has been buzzing since word surfaced yesterday that Georges St. Pierre will speak with the media Friday, after announcing approximately one month ago that he plans to take some time off to address some personal issues. Of course since GSP’s announcement, which followed his split decision win over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167, there’s been no shortage of speculation as to what the future holds for the welterweight champ.

Well, not long after GSP relayed he was stepping away from fighting, Dana White said he was optimistic St.Pierre-Hendricks II would get booked soon. So what’s the UFC President’s feeling now? Just days before St. Pierre meets with the media? While appearing on Sportsnet’s “UFC Central” program recently, here is some of what White had to say (comments via MMA Junkie).

“I don’t think he’s going to retire,” White said. “I do know that he wants some time off, which is an issue because he just had over a year off for his ACL surgery and recovery. So we’ll see. I’m supposed to talk to Georges St-Pierre on Thursday when he gets back from vacation.”

There’s been conflicting reports in terms of whether St. Pierre has said he’s making an ‘announcement’, or if he’s just agreed to speak with the media at an event in Quebec City, where he was already scheduled to appear. Thus, this is why White stated:

“That’s not true; he’s not making any announcement on Friday,” White said. “This thing was planned for months. He’s going up to the opening of a mall, and he’s signing autographs for fans, and he’s going to do 10 minutes with the media. People are talking about he called a press conference and other things.”

“I’m not saying he might not have something to say in these 10 minutes. He might. But it’s no crazy announcement like everybody was saying earlier.”

In a report from the Canadian Press, it says St. Pierre has confirmed he will indeed discuss his future at the event. So, whether the champ has a big announcement to make or not, it should make for intriguing day.