When the speakers inside the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento start blaring Radioactive’s Imagine Dragons, Court McGee might get a little emotional.

McGee, who faces Ryan LaFlare this Saturday at UFC on FOX 9, picked the song for one simple reason:

“It’s both of my sons favorite song,” said McGee, during a recent interview with FightLine. “When it comes on the radio, they just jam out and love it. They could listen to it over and over.”

McGee doesn’t know how he will react when he makes that walk from the dressing room to the Octagon, as it is different each and every time.

“Sometimes I get emotional,” he admitted. “The feeling of the crowd, the song playing……I’ve had different experiences each time.”

The hard part of the fight game has been completed by “The Crusher,” who balanced his training at The Pit and in California with the likes of Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez and Nick and Nate Diaz.

“I’ve had 10 weeks to focus on getting better and I felt like I’ve done that (this camp),” he said. “When (Saturday) comes, I will step out there and fight Ryan and give him the best I have. I leave it in the (training) room every day.”

McGee believes his will and desire are two attributes that can carry him to victory.

“A lot of people thing if I give up in practice, why wouldn’t I give up in the cage,” he said. “When I got one or two eyes on me, and I give up there, I am going to give up in the cage. I’ve given every last ounce of energy and not given up.

“You only get one shot at this thing and I take it serious, real serious. I push until I can’t function. I give it my best, which is all we can do.”

The reason for fighting

McGee has many passions, but none stronger than his family and his career. The two even go hand-in-hand.

“I do this thing because I love it, I enjoy competing in martial arts and enjoy the lifestyle of a fighter. I fight for a lot of reasons, but a big part of it is to better provide for my wife and kids.”

With a fight scheduled for early in December, McGee was in the midst of training camp when Thanksgiving rolled around. His coaches, though, didn’t let him go empty-handed on the holiday.

“My family was in a great place and they got to have their turkey and stuff, while John (Hackleman) had a little Thanksgiving here for us (in California),” he said. “We didn’t indulge on the pies….in fact, I didn’t get any pie, which kind sucked, but that’s part of the job.

“It was really good, peaceful and I enjoyed it.”

As with anything fighter-related, though, the coaches didn’t go easy on McGee and the others during the festive time.

“The only negative was having Thanksgiving on a Thursday night because that is usually drilling and sparring practice in the morning, with hard wrestling, conditioning and wall drills in the night,” McGee said. “Coach told us I have got some good news, which was we were having Thanksgiving that night, but the bad news was we were going to do both workouts together.

“It was a rough day, but it has me in shape.”