As you probably know, Conor McGregor has formed quite the rivalry with Diego Sanchez in recent weeks, despite the fact the two have not even being fighting in the same weight division. The apparent beef has gotten so big, in fact, that McGregor recently relayed he’d be willing to fight Sanchez at welterweight. McGregor’s last bout was at 145.

Well, McGregor appeared on the latest edition of “The MMA Hour” Monday, and not surprisingly, the outspoken fighter was asked about Sanchez. So, what did “Notorious” have to say about “The Dream” this time around? (Comments via MMA

“The guy is a has-been,” McGregor said. “He should be in Bellator with the rest of the has-beens. There’s no doubt about it.”

Of course, there’s probably more than a few people who watched Sanchez’s recent bout with Gilbert Melendez that would disagree. McGregor proceeded to share his side on how all the drama with Sanchez kicked off. According to the rising star, it all started after Sanchez apparently said Max Holloway would take out McGregor at UFC FN 26 (McGregor earned the UD win). Sanchez also made it be known, as have other veterans, that he didn’t care for some of McGregor’s rather bold call-outs.

“So I responded, I call him the fattest, slowest, sloppiest martial artist I’ve ever laid eyes on,” McGregor added. “I told him I’d go to 170, I’d whup his fat ass easy. … He was the one who started about me. I gave my opinion on the Top 10. Nobody else. I had my eyes up on the top 10. I ignored what Diego was saying on the leadup to the Holloway fight. Then I said OK, I’ll push the top 10 aside and I’ll go after Diego Sanchez a little bit.”

Sanchez aside, McGregor was also asked about Luke Barnatt’s recent accusation that the fighter’s Twitter following is inflated with fake accounts. McGregor said it’s “the silliest thing I’ve ever watched in my life.”