If you’re ever forced to debate a MMA “expert” who argues smaller fighters don’t hit hard enough, then one of your go to examples should be Michael McDonald. While the bantamweight is extremely athletic and has a very solid ground game, its no secret that much of “Mayday’s” success is due to his ridiculous punching power.

Up next, McDonald will battle Urijah Faber at UFC on FOX 9 this Saturday, in a bout that could determine who challenges the winner of Dominick Cruz-Renan Barao. Recently Faber acknowledged that McDonald’s hands are “extremely dangerous”, and in another interview from MMA Weekly.com, McDonald talked about why that is. Here is some of what the 22 year-old had to say:

“Even the way that I punch, people are like ‘you’re either born with it or you’re not’, and that’s false. You just don’t know how to teach somebody. I have taught people how to do it. I’ve taught people who suck at punching power and taught them how to knock people out. I’ve been able to translate that to people. It’s all about the number of steps, and then actually being able to do what you know. Same thing with word working, same thing with fighting.”

“I was born with it a little bit, but it can still be taught. I was born with heavy hands but not like I have now.”

How about that? McDonald also made the point that just like you can learn how to sink in guillotine chokes like Faber, you can learn how to floor the opposition with strikes.

Now it will be interesting to see whether McDonald is able to land any telling shots on Faber Saturday night in Sacramento, and how “The California Kid” reacts.