UFC Fight Night 33 in Brisbane, Australia on Saturday night gave us a heavyweight fight that won’t be forgotten for a very long time.  The war waged by Mark Hunt and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva has got to be considered one of the all-time great heavyweight fights in UFC history.  The card also featured ‘Shogun’ Rua’s return to winning ways with a knock-out of James Te Huna, and an extremely dominant performance by Ryan Bader against Anthony Perosh.  Bantamweights Nam Phan and Takeya Mizugaki put on a great fight that on any night not featuring Hunt/Bigfoot would have easily taken FOTN honors, and Soa Palelei knocked Pat Barry out cold with some brutal ground and pound.  Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive performances from the UFC’s trip Down Under.

War Hunto/War Bigfoot

This 25-minute epic won fight-of-the-night and I didn’t even think it would get out of the second round.  I, like most, assumed that either the gigantic fists of Bigfoot Silva or the monstrous power of Mark Hunt would ultimately lead to somebody going ‘nite nite’ pretty quickly.  What actually occurred was to the complete contrary however, as both guys looked to work their gameplans in the beginning of the fight, and by the end were just unloading everything they had left while refusing to succumb to the hard leather being thrown by the other.  In totality, I think Mark Hunt put more of a beating on Antonio Silva than vice versa, but when you break it up into rounds it gets a little bit dicey.

Hunt really turned it up in the third round.  In the fourth round Silva landed an insane barrage of punches and hammerfists from full mount that busted Hunt wide open, but Hunt came out in the fifth round and boxed the living hell of Bigfoot Silva’s face, and earned a 10-8 score on two judges’ cards in the process.

Bigfoot 1

It was such a good fight that when a majority draw was announced, no one was disappointed, as neither man deserved to lose in a fight that saw each of them enact so much violence.  A rematch is likely next as these two look to heal up and get ready to beat the tar out of each other one more time.

Hunt 1

Shogun Returns to Form

Mauricia “Shogun” Rua’s  first round knock-out win over James Te Huna told us little about where the former champion is in terms of his level of competitiveness with the rest of his division.  He can still crack, but I don’t think anyone ever doubted that.  He made quick work of Te Huna and he’ll likely make quick work of anyone outside the top eight or nine guys in the world.  I don’t think that a move to middleweight holds any fortune for him, but there aren’t a ton of fights for him at 205.  I’d like to see him take on Dan Henderson in his next fight.  Ryan Bader is also an intriguing matchup.

Bader Deals in Absolutes

You have to give credit to Perosh for staying in it until the very end.  Bader was a man with a plan and he employed said plan with impunity.  Perosh couldn’t get up from off his back and Bader was on the attack from bell to bell.  One interesting thing about this undeniably dominant and one-sided performance is that only a single judge in a single round gave Bader a 10-8 score.  There’s an argument to be made for at least one 10-7 round in this fight in my opinion.  I now ask, if those were not 10-8 rounds, then what would someone need to do to ascertain a 10-7?

Here’s Bader literally wiping the floor with Perosh:

bader wipes the floor with perosh

“Fireball” Hangs Them Up

Julie Kedzie didn’t look bad in her split decision loss to Bethe Correia in Brisbane, but it was her fourth straight.  She tweeted after the fight that she can give more to the sport by helping develop other fighters,  and that after talking with her coaches she decided it would be her last fight.  Both of her UFC losses have come by split decision, and I for one do think she can still be competitive with a lot of the 135-pound women out there outside of the top five.  Kedzie has 29 professional fights and has been fighting as pro for nine years.  She’s been in the cage with names like Shayna Baszler, Gina Carano, Meisha Tate, Alexis Davis, Jan Finney, and Kaitlin Young.   She’ll continue to be a presence in the sport doing commentary for Invicta FC. And definitely has a lot of offer anyone under her tutelage.