Although it remains to be seen when Cain Velasquez will fight next, one thing we know is that the UFC Heavyweight Champion is expected to face Fabricio Werdum. While it’s an intriguing challenge for the champ, due to Werdum’s feared submission game and developed striking skills, most believe Velasquez will be able to determine where the fight takes place. After all, Werdum is not a two time All American wrestler like Velasquez.

Well, in a recent interview with, Werdum’s head trainer Rafael Cordeiro relayed they intend to focus on “Vai Cavalo’s” wrestling big time during his next camp. So much so, in fact, that Werdum may head to American Top Team in Florida, so that he can train with former Olympic wrestler Steve Mocco. The wrestler, turned fighter, defeated Velasquez in a couple of wrestling matches during college. Here is some of what Cordeiro had to say about their plans (comments transcribed by MMA

“We’re going to do totally different than what Junior (dos Santos) did. We believe Cain is a tough dude, everybody knows that. We’re going to do everything different. We’re going to work Fabricio’s conditioning and training. Fabricio has amazing jiu-jitsu, amazing muay-thai. But we want to figure out something different for this camp. We’re going to bring good guys to train with them. We’re going to get high level wrestlers to get the best for him. We need to move out of our comfort zone. This is the moment to do all the best, not just inside Kings MMA but were going to try to get outside. I have good relationships with amazing coaches and I think it’s time to move out and train in another place. So, probably we’re going to move to Florida to train with the guy who beat Velasquez a couple of times; I think it’s going to be different for Fabricio. It makes all the sense that we train with him (Steve Mocco) for this fight. He knows Cain Velasquez’s game, and we’re going to do everything we can to prepare Fabricio for war. Fabricio has his mentality strong, he knows what he wants and we know what he can do. It’s time to make the dream come true.”

Now of course, training with ATT and Mocco for a few weeks might not turn Werdum into a wrestling guru, but it will certainly help. It will be interesting to see what kind of strategy Velasquez goes with, as although Werdum is a noted finisher on the mat, the champ is also no slouch in the jiu-jitsu department.

Hopefully, Velasquez’s shoulder is on the mend and he’s ready to return sooner than later.