Conor McGregor has certainly made a few enemies by calling out, and or blasting some of the UFC’s best fighters, but the rising star has also created quite the fan following. Well, according to TUF 17 veteran Luke Barnatt, he’s not so certain the “Notorious” fanbase is as big as it appears to be. At least not on Twitter.

While appearing on a recent edition of “The MMA Hour”, here is some of what “Bigslow” had to say about McGregor and the fighter’s Twitter account (quotes transcribed by Fighters Only Magazine):

“You pay a certain amount of money, and you get these fake followers. So they’re built and they’re made by a computer, and they follow certain people,” he said.

“It makes them look like they’re a big deal, it makes them look like they’ve got lots of fans, and it makes them look important.”

“I’m not jealous of Conor, he’s a cool guy. I’ve met him a few times. But I just think if you want to be fake and you pretend like you’re a big deal by getting all of these followers then calling out people like Diego Sanchez is weak, and things like that start to irritate me.”

How about that? To date, fighters like Cole Miller (who referred to McGregor as a “show pony” not long ago) have argued that the Irishman has yet to face top notch competition in the UFC. But the Twitter following thing is definitely a new one. If you’re wondering, as of Tuesday night, “Notorious” has 78,425 followers on Twitter (cue dramatic music or…)

Barnatt also added, that in his opinion, you should only call out fighters in your weight division and those who are coming off a win. Sanchez is of course coming off a thrilling unanimous decision loss to Gilbert Melendez at UFC 166.

As far as Barnatt, the 6’6’tall middleweight is coming off a second round, submission win over Andrew Craig to record his second Octagon victory. The British fighter’s record now stands at 7-0.