After Hector Lombard made the most of his welterweight debut at UFC 166, by quickly putting away accomplished veteran Nate Marquardt, it remains to be seen who the UFC will tap for his next opponent. The former Bellator champ has relayed he’d like to throw down with Carlos Condit or Martin Kampmann, and more recently, “Lightning” added another name to his desired opponent list, the promotion’s #7 ranked welterweight, Jake Shields.

In a follow up story with MMA, here is what Lombard had to say about the former Strikeforce champion.

“I think he’s been so boring and me always trying for the KO, it’s going to be exciting,” Lombard said. “He’ll make it boring, or I’m going to end up knocking him out. It’s going to be one or another.”

That would certainly be an interesting match-up, and if Lombard secured a win, it would be a big step towards a top ten welterweight ranking and a title shot. Lombard also noted that Shields has recorded some “impressive wins” recently. Shields is coming off split decision wins over Tyron Woodley and Demian Maia, and is undefeated in his last four bouts.

And speaking of championships, Lombard also talked about reigning champ Georges St. Pierre in the story, who recently announced he was taking a break due to personal issues. Not long ago, GSP appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and relayed stories of alien abductions have always bothered him. So what does the 35 year-old Lombard think about that?

“He’s so scared of aliens coming up and taking him,” said Lombard. “You have to be really messed up to think about all that stuff. Like honestly, I have a lot of respect for him and the stuff he’s done for the sport, but how can you think about an alien coming and going to take you? Are you kidding me or what? It’s stupid.”

Chances are Lombard was never a big fan of the X Files then….