If someone where to ask you who would be the three most searched MMA fighters online, chances are you might throw out names like Jon Jones, Georges St. Pierre, Anderson Silva and Ronda Rousey right? Well, according to what Yahoo’s announced as the year winds down, only one of those fighters is among its most searched athletes.

Yahoo has released the top ten most searched athletes as part of its 2013 Year in Review Collection, and Ronday Rousey led the way as far as MMA. Rousey reportedly was the fifth most searched athlete, and finished one spot above Lamar Odom but behind Lindsey Vonn.

That’s not too surprising right? After all, Rousey has continued to become a major league star in 2013, thanks to her successful UFC debut in February, frequent media appearances and growing acting career.

Two other MMA vets made the list, and this is where more than a few eyebrows are going to get raised. According to Yahoo (results via MMA Junkie.com), Tito Ortiz was the seventh most searched athlete and ex-fighter Gina Carano was the 10th. How about that?

It’s a little surprising considering Carano hasn’t fought since 2009, and Ortiz has had considerable setbacks in the cage recently, but then again, there’s plenty of other reasons why folks would have looked them up right?

Here is the Yahoo’s top ten most searched athletes for 2013.

1-Tim Tebow

2-Tiger Woods

3-Danica Patrick

4-Lindsey Vonn

5-Ronda Rousey

6-Lamar Odom

7-Tito Ortiz

8-Serena Williams

9-Maria Sharapova

10-Gina Carano