Conor McGregor certainly hasn’t been shy about calling out big name fighters since he arrived in the UFC, and more recently, “Notorious” has been asking Diego Sanchez if the vet is down to fight. Since McGregor has also said that Sanchez wouldn’t land “one shot” if they fought, no one was likely surprised to see “The Dream” say he’d love to “shut the pipsqueak up”.

So would the two fight at lightweight then? Since McGregor has fought at 155 before and Sanchez has also been competing at lightweight as of late? Well, Sanchez recently tweeted to McGregor “Dublin, 170”, while referring to the fact the UFC plans to return to the Irish city in 2014. What was the Irishman’s response?

My very first request was for it to be at 170lb. Ive already messaged Dana and Shelby. This fight WILL happen.

Interesting no? While it’s not surprising to see McGregor say he’d meet Sanchez at welterweight, it remains to be seen if the UFC is on board with that fight at all, much less at 170. Yes, it would move some tickets, particularly in Ireland, but in the past Dana White has said he’s not a fan of having fighters move up and down in weight.

In addition, the bout wouldn’t really do much for either man in terms of their ranking. If Sanchez were to beat McGregor at 170, then some would question if the result would have been the same at 155. If McGregor wins, sure, he would add a notable victory to his resume, but it wouldn’t come against one of the promotion’s top featherweights, where his long term future likely lies.

Now does any of this mean it wouldn’t be a great fight if it happens? Of course not.

McGregor is hoping to return from ACL surgery sometime in spring, but since knee surgery is no joke, the 25 year-old is expected to return in mid 2014.