It was a tough night for Akira Corassani at the TUF 18 Finale, as although the featherweight emerged with the win, he left the building with a broken nose and a concussion to go along with it.

If you missed last night’s action, Corassani was taken down by Maximo Blanco early into their bout, and as he attempted to get back to his feet, he was blasted right in the face with a knee. The strike was illegal, however, as the replay indicated that both Corassani’s hand and knee were touching the mat. The Swedish fighter was unable to recover from the blow, and because the strike was ruled as intentional, Corassani was awarded the disqualification victory.

Although Corassani was relatively calm immediately after the bout, likely due to the fact he was still in a fog, in his post fight interview with MMA Fighting his frustration came through.

“He has done this before; this is not the first time. He does this all the time…he did the same thing to Pat Healy,” Corassani said . “Pat Healy had him in a heel hook one time and he started stomping him in Strikeforce which is illegal. I understand, he trains and lives in Japan, he does a lot of fights in Japan where you can stomp and kick to the head, maybe he doesn’t understand, (no), he understands the rules. Maybe there’s something in his head, I don’t know.”

Blanco did do a back flip after the bout was stopped, as if he thought he had won… The illegal strike aside, Corassani headed to the hospital after his post-fight interview and then posted this update via Instagram.

Broke my nose in 5 places which was not as bad as the concussion from the knee. The dizziness got worse gradually and I was rocked as hell. Truthfully I dont remember much but this was not the way I wanted to win, I was more than ready for this fight and due to a stupid move the fight was ruined. Thanks for all your support and I’ll be back soon!

That cannot be much fun. Although it was by DQ, Corassani has now won three straight fights in the UFC, and has just one loss in his last ten. Perhaps a rematch with Blanco is in order?