Dana White has been saying for sometime that the UFC has huge plansfor 2014, and increasingly more details are coming to light as to why the UFC boss man’s been relaying that.

In October, the promotion announced that it will promote at least 35 cards next year, and more recently the UFC brass has said it will be closer to 50. Now, in a recent interview with MMA Junkie.com, White revealed that the promotion has plans for a online network, which will allow hardcore fans to catch every international event.

“People don’t understand … the fights that we do in China are for China,” White said. “The fights we do in Europe are going to be for Europe. But with this new digital network that we’re launching, people who are hardcore fans and want to watch the fights will be able to.

“It’s a completely new experience because what it’s going to be based around is live fights. Obviously, you’re going to have access to the library and lots of other programming that’s going to be on the network, but there’s going to be a ridiculous amount of live fights.”

According to the report, the bulk of UFC cards will be broadcast on FOX Sports 1 and 2 as expected, and of course, there will still be a steady stream of PPV events.

Chances are this will be greeted with mixed reviews, as there are certainly critics who believe the UFC is already putting on too many shows. For the die-hard fans, however, this has to be fantastic news. Now it will be interesting to see what a subscription to the network costs…