Anyone who believed Gabriel Gonzaga didn’t have some big wins left in him has been emphatically proven wrong, as since returning to the UFC last year, “Napao” has gone 4-1. Not only that, but aside from a knockout loss to Travis Browne in April, Gonzaga has pretty much blasted through his competition. Just ask Shawn Jordan or Dave Herman.

So, not surprisingly, the 34 year-old is feeling pretty confident these days as he heads into his UFC on FOX 10 scrap with Stipe Miocic. Case in point, while speaking to MMA recently, here is some of what Gonzaga had to say about his aspirations as well as heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez.

“I wasn’t sure what did I want in the past,” Gonzaga said while discussing his brief retirement in 2010, “but now I know that I want to be the UFC champion.”

“I believe I can beat anyone, but you have to have some luck when the time comes. I lost to Randy Couture because of an accident during the fight, and I believe things could have been different if I had better luck.”

“(Velasquez) is a tough fighter, but everybody looks up to the champion and studies his games,” he said. “He has some flaws in his game, and I’d need to be ready for this fight.”

Of course, first things first, and that’s the #9 ranked Miocic on January 25th. Gonzaga also added in the interview that he doesn’t understand why Miocic called him out, and that if the heavyweight thinks he’ll be an easy fight, he’s “wrong.”