It may seem like ancient history by MMA standards, but it wasn’t long ago when one of the top rivalries in the sport was between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard. After Maynard worked his way to a decision win over Edgar in 2008, the two battled two more times in 2011, which saw Edgar retain the lightweight title with a draw and then a knockout win. The last two scraps were instant classics.

So, now that Edgar is competing at featherweight, however, chances are the two won’t fight again right? Wrong. Well, according to Maynard at least. While speaking to MMA recently, the rugged wrestler relayed he’s willing to go to the extra mile and then some to get a fourth bout with Edgar.

“I’ve got to take care of Nate Diaz, but the goal is obviously to get the T.J. Grant bout again, the Frankie Edgar bout, and then get the lightweight belt,” Maynard said. “Even if I have to drop down a division to face Edgar.”

How about that. Chances are not too many people saw that coming. But wouldn’t Maynard, who is certainly not a tiny 155ér, have trouble making the weight?

“I sure as hell would try,” Maynard added, while discussing the weight cut. “I wouldn’t be there for good, but I would be there for that fight. It just goes back to that in my mind, it’s all even. I don’t want it to end like that.”

Maynard added that he doesn’t want the series to end on a KO loss, but that if Edgar beats him two out of three times, then “alright.” Now of course, not only does Maynard face a tough test this Saturday at the TUF 18 Finale in Diaz, but Edgar is set to fight BJ Penn for a third time in 2014.

So, a fourth scrap with Maynard couldn’t happen for sometime, if at all. It would also hinge on whether Edgar is even interested in going down that road one more time.  Still, it’s certainly an interesting thought.