Considering Brandon Thatch has needed less than four minutes to take out Justin Edwards and Paulo Thiago in his first two UFC bouts, clearly “Rukus” is doing something right in the gym and Octagon. Case in point, following his UFC FN 32 win over Thiago, UFC President Dana White heaped praise on the welterweight and relayed “I like this kid.”

While there’s no doubt Thatch has lived up to the hype that surrounded his UFC arrival so far, the 28 year-old clearly isn’t letting the success go to his head. While speaking to MMA Radio recently, Thatch acknowledged that changes will need to be made as he dives deeper into the welterweight division.

“I’ve sat down with my coaching staff to talk about my fighting style,” Thatch said. “It’s been successful thus far, but as the competition gets more steep, I’ll have to reevaluate some of the game plans. There are guys you’ll have to outpoint, there are submissions, some guys are just tough and you have to go the distance.”

Following his victory over Thiago, Thatch was handed a 180 day medical suspension, pending his shoulder and ankle are cleared by a physician.

“I’m going to get my body taken care of and as soon as I’m ready, I’ll be ready to rock and roll,” said Thatch, who is riding a ten fight win streak. “I’ll be fighting sooner rather than later, for sure. I want to keep the momentum going and stay in it while I’m hot.”

It’s going to be fascinating to see who the UFC books to fight Thatch next. Chances are it’s going to be someone who’s sitting pretty close to the promotion’s top ten ranks.