Although Michael Bisping has been sidelined for a while now due to a detached retina, that hasn’t prevented the outspoken fighter from staying in the headlines, thanks in part to Mr. Tim Kennedy. As you likely know, the decorated soldier’s feud going with Bisping has reached new heights,  since Kennedy called him out earlier this month.

Not long after Kennedy KO’d Rafael Natal at UFC Fight Night 31, the American got things going again by saying he hadn’t earned a fight with a “top guy”, and therefore the UFC should give him Bisping. See what he did there?

Bisping relayed he’s more than willing to scrap Kennedy, but in the latest episode of “UFC Tonight” Wednesday, it sounds like the British fighter may be looking elsewhere for his next opponent (comment via MMA

“I wouldn’t say there’s been back and forth with Tim Kennedy,” Bisping said. “I’d say there’s been Tim Kennedy chomping at the bit, trying to make a name for himself. he came over from Strikeforce, he’s had a couple wins over people I’ve never heard of, and he’s trying to get some notoriety. Of course, people like to call me out, I’m no stranger to that. Good for him.”

“I’ve never turned down an opponent once, I’m not going to start with Tim Kennedy,” Bisping continued. “If that’s who the UFC wants, I’ll be happy to fight him. Myself personally, I would like someone ranked a little higher up the ladder, someone in the top five maybe. But it’s down to the UFC.”

If you’re wondering, Kennedy is currently ranked #10 in the middleweight division, while “The Count” is positioned at #4. Bisping was scheduled to fight Mark Munoz in October, before he was forced to pull out of the bout due to a detached retina. Bisping also relayed that doctors have given him the “green light” to start training again, and that he’s hoping to fight in March or April of next year. That’s good news.

When you consider that nearly all of the top ten middleweights are currently booked for bouts, and Vitor Belfort is expected to face the winner of Weidman-Silva II, Bisping-Kennedy certainly looks like a possibility no?