Depending on who you talk to, Johny Hendricks was either robbed at UFC 167 due to clueless judging, or Georges St. Pierre barely retained the welterweight belt as a result of the way fights are scored. If you were hoping for something to change, it doesn’t look like the controversial fight is going to be the catalyst, not in Nevada anyways.

Nevada State Athletic Commission’s executive director Keith Kizer has weighed in on what went down in Saturday’s headliner, and according to the official, Dana White’s post-fight comments are largely responsible for any uproar (quotes via MMA

“The last four rounds were scored unanimously,” Kizer said. “The first could have gone either way, as most people thought it could have gone either way, regardless of how they scored it. It’s more about Dana’s comments than anything else, not about the scoring.”

As Kizer alluded to, all of the judges agreed that GSP won rounds 3 and 5, and that Hendricks took rounds 2 and 4. Two of the judges, however, awarded the opening round to the welterweight champ, and thus, gave St. Pierre the split decision win.

If you recall, immediately after the card, White blasted the commission by saying:

“The commission, these guys….just despicable. This city is scary. It’s not the scoring system, it’s the judges. Look around the Octagon at who is judging these fights. The Nevada State Athletic Commission has a lot of work to do. It makes me sick.”

So, chances are GSP-Hendricks II won’t be happening in Nevada…