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Manager: GSP-Hendricks Rematch “The Right Thing”

Johny Hendricks

It’s been a couple of days now since the thrilling and controversial scrap between Georges St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks at UFC 167, and the MMA world remains on pins and needles in terms of whether a rematch will get booked.  It’s a familiar feeling for MMA fans, as a similar situation arose after Anderson Silva lost to Chris Weidman this past summer, although this is clearly more daunting due to the personal issues GSP said he’s dealing with.

Of course, one would assume that if GSP is ready to fight in the coming months then he’ll be booked to fight Hendricks next. While appearing on the latest edition of “The MMA Hour”, here is what Hendricks’ manager Ted Ehrhardt had to say on the subjext (quotes via MMA

“I would hope GSP would come back and do the right thing,” Ehrhardt said. “If he’s going through stuff, of course you feel bad for a guy for that. But he’s made a lot of money in this sport. Like Dana said, he owes it to the sport, not just Johny and the UFC. The sport of MMA has really made him who he is, just like it has Johny. That’s what the fans are going to want. They’re going to want a rematch, Johny vs. GSP.”

“The fans are what make the UFC. The fans are what make Johny, GSP, any of these guys. And that’s the [group] that should get what they deserve. All those people that spent that money on that pay-per-view deserve to be able to see another fight and get to watch it.”

And really, considering the level of competition St. Pierre has fought throughout his career and his willingness to fight all comers, chances are that if he’s mentally and physically ready to fight, a rematch with Hendricks is at the top of his list.

Ehrhardt also reportedly added that he’s confident an immediate rematch will materialize, and cited what went down with Silva after his loss to Weidman as evidence. If you recall, Silva initially stated he wasn’t interested in pursuing the title any longer, but within a few days Weidman-Silva II was booked for UFC 168.

  • waitetr says:

    I think everyone is has a crappy entitlement attitude regarding his time off. Seriously no one “deserves” to see a rematch if he needs a break especially the fans. GSP is the one putting his body on the line and getting punched in the face so if he needs some time off so be it. Life moves on. The Fans, the UFC and Dana don’t own GSP and he owes them nothing. He’s already been paid for the work he’s done so if he steps away for ever it’s not like he got something he didn’t earn.

    Also to say the Fans and the UFC made GSP who he is BS. GSP is an extremely gifted athlete and it’s not like the UFC hooked him up to the matrix to give him his abilities. Seriously he worked hard, put in his time and was compensated for it.

    That being said I’m interested in watching a rematch and I do think that once he clears up his personal life he’ll be back and ready/willing to fight Johny again. If the UFC can wait 2 years for Cruz to get over his injury then they can wait a few extra months for GSP to sort things out.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Gsp is a fighter. Its what he wanted to fight the best and be champ. Now that hes scared to get knocked out in a rematch he relizes jon jones didnt have to rematch im sure he dont either. Its time to put these paper champs to rest like a silva. If gsp dont want to fight retire if he dont want to retire prove your the best or take it like a man.

  • SBERG says:

    So I guess Brock should never have taken time off for his stomach issues right? He shoulda just fought right through and died in the ring? Just a really stupid comment Gunner…

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Is gsp sick? Did I say brock shouldve fought through the pain til he died? Dom cruz deserves his time off to heal but if gsp is healthy he should rematch hendricks. If not he must have an injury. If he has no injury why not fight.

  • SBERG says:

    Are you a doctor ? Do you know what’s wrong with GSP? Make some sense….
    Let the story unfold and see what’s going on in the guys life. He’s not a robot . Your not anyone to judge what someone considers a issue. Cause I’m sure you have no issues that affect your daily life and how you go about things…..

  • SBERG says:

    Unrelated: After posting my last comment I get sent to a screen that says ” Your posting too quickly . Please slow down”….
    Seriously?????????? There’s maybe 7 people that even post on this site at all anymore on a consistent basis and I get sent to a screen that says that crap?
    I guess the people that run the site like when there’s a 2 to 3 day standstill on comments? Cause that always looks good for a site right? How many more ways can you guys screw this site up? C’mon man I really like having discussions and such here but more and more stupid stuff like that just makes me think the powers that be would really like to see this place implode on itself.
    If that be the case then just shut the freaking site down already, what the hell are you waiting for?

  • THEGUNNER says:

    I think your a lil high strung. I agree u should slow down and relax. Maybe you need to get slapped around a little. Or just get a life. My point alone is if hes gonna fight he should fight hendricks if not retire. And im not a doc or never said I was but a doc wont take a year to come to a conclusion. Dont take a 6 month vacation then decide to retire others are hungry for that belt and dont deserve to have two more tough fights while they wait for their shot.

  • SBERG says:

    Again you make no sense… you say if he’s not hurt then fight….So again are you a doctor do you know if he’s hurt or not? No…
    How do you know he’s taking a vacation? Did he say he was going to Hawaii?no….. He’s been champ for a long time, he’s earned his right to go out on his terms if he decides to do so. All he’s said is he wants to take some time off to settle some things going on in his life. He’s more than entitled.
    I think your a little high strung that you can’t accept the guy is a human being and doesn’t jump at your every whim….Sorry you got your feelings hurt on this one. But it’s cool please keep responding with more non-sense that you don’t have any knowledge of……At least someone is posting here….


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