It’s been a couple of days now since Georges St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks went to war at UFC 167, and not surprisingly, debate as to whether the challenger was robbed of the welterweight championship continues. According to the main event’s referee Mario Yamasaki, however, he was pretty shocked to hear St. Pierre’s name announced as the split decision winner.

The veteran official spoke with MMA after the November 16th scrap, and here is some of what Yamasaki had to say about the controversial decision:

“I’m inside the cage so I can’t see the fight as the judge sees it, but I thought Hendricks won the fight,” Yamasaki said. “I thought Hendricks dominated the fight, it was brutal, and I was surprised when they gave St-Pierre the win. But I’m not the judge. I look at the fight with different eyes.”

“The first round was slow and could have gone either way. Hendricks dominated the second one. The third was close and could also go either way, and the judges gave it to St-Pierre. When the fight was over, I thought Hendricks won every round except the last one,” he said. “But I have to watch the fight again to analyze it as a judge.”

Even GSP’s biggest fans would have a tough time arguing that the fight wasn’t “brutal”, considering how the renowned fighter looked after the bout. As you likely know, all of the judge’s agreed that Hendricks won rounds 2 and 4, but only one one of them gave “Bigg Rigg” the opening round. So, as Yamasaki noted, two of the rounds were extremely close. Hendricks unquestionably delivered much more damage in the bout, however, particularly in the rounds he won.

Of course, now the big question on everybody’s mind is if and when GSP-Hendricks II will go down. Hopefully things turn around for the champion, in terms of the personal issues he’s cited, and the bout materializes in the coming months.

UFC 167 went down at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada.