The people who seem to either know everything before it’s official – or at least report it as if it soon will be public knowledge – TMZ, have come out with details regarding Georges St-Pierre’s personal issues.

St-Pierre, who defended his title over Johny Hendricks this past weekend, stated he needed to step away from MMA for a while to deal with personal problems.

The gossip-heavy site is claiming that GSP is dealing with both the impending death of his father and an unplanned pregnancy. During the post-fight press conference, St-Pierre also talked of concussion-related symptoms, without mentioning the word concussion.

UFC president Dana White stated he believes the issues are not enough to force St-Pierre into retirement, and talked of an immediate rematch with Hendricks.

As mentioned, TMZ likes to set the bar high for getting the “inside” scoop, so this may just be that; or it could be the honest-truth. We’ll have to wait and see what GSP has to say regarding the matter in the coming days and weeks.