The split decision awarded to UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 167 caught just about everyone by shock from UFC president Dana White to Hendricks to the world of Twitter.

Throughout the 25-minute war, many had Hendricks up by at least a round heading into the fifth. However, it was GSP that claimed the scorecards from two judges and walked away with the belt.

“This is the biggest robbery of all time in MMA history!!!!!!!” posted Pat Miletich, a former UFC champion and current announcer. “The 20th anniversary of the UFC is tainted by the worst judging decision in the history of the sport. F’ing clowns. This is what happens when you have people who sell insurance by day and judge by night. The judges need to be fired!”

Carlos Condit, who held the interim title and lost to GSP and Hendricks, stated, “W T F…. Worst decision EVER.”

Tim Kennedy had one of the more humorous posts saying “One guy looks like he got run over by a big rig and the other guy looks like he went for a run. Bad decision” referencing St-Pierre’s bloody and bruised face.

Others like Urijah Faber simply wrote “Wow,” while Dan Henderson said “I’m not really liking the judges this year. I thought Hendricks did great.”

For what it’s worth, Kenny Florian, co-hosting on the post-fight show and a training partner of GSP, had the champ retaining the title.

“Have is 3 rounds to 2 for GSP,” he wrote, while also clearing up some talk on social media sites regarding judging by posting “There is NOTHING in the unified rules that uses the term damage as something that determines a winner/loser in an MMA fight.”