UFC 167: St-Pierre vs Hendricks— The Octagon returns to celebrate its 20th anniversary with a welterweight title fight between Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks taking the main event on Pay-Per-View. Former light-heavyweight champion Rashad Evans takes on former three-time title challenger Chael Sonnen for the co-main event, along with a pivotal 170 pound matchup between Rory MacDonald and Robbie Lawler.

In addition to the main card on Pay-Per-View, there are some free preliminary bouts that stream live on Facebook/YouTube @ 6:30 p.m. ET/3:30 p.m. PT. The remainder of the prelims will shift to Fox Sports 1 and will begin around @ 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT. The PPV card will get underway @ 10:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. PT.

Main Card (Pay-Per-View)

– Georges St-Pierre vs Johny Hendricks:

Round One: GSP gets the takedown as Hendricks moves in but Hendricks isn’t laying down for him and GSP goes for a guillotine but Hendricks makes his way back up. Hendricks lands a shot and GSP is desperate for the takedown. Hendricks lands some uppercuts while GSP holds onto the single. Hendricks lands some short elbows as GSP is trying to lock his hands together and Hendricks gets the takedown. GSP back to his feet and GSP takes a knee. Round ends with Hendricks doing work

Round Two: Hendricks lands some hard shots and GSP is hurt. Hendricks follows up with more before they get locked up in the clinch. Hendricks stays on him and walks GSP around the Octagon. GSP has nothing for Hendricks in this round. Hendricks keeps at it and doesn’t look like he’ll be losing steam any time soon. round ends with GSP showing some frustration.

Round Three: Hendricks continues his attack and GSP’s face is swelling fast. GSP with some jabs and kicks. GSP now trading low kicks for a Hendricks’ left hand. GSP not letting go with any sort of combinations in this fight and he’s getting beat to the punch every single time. Hendricks gets the takedown and GSP makes his way back up before the round ends.

Round Four: GSP now leading the dance and Hendricks pushes with a double jab. GSP jabs the body and Hendricks answers with an uppercut. Hendricks picking his shots a lot more now and GSP lands a jab and a hook behind it. Hendricks drops GSP with a huge left and jumps in GSP’s guard. He can’t get off many shots from here, however, GSP is bleeding from the ear. GSP drops for a takedown but he doesn’t get it and Hendricks turns it around before the bell.

Round Five: Hendricks is singing country music before rounds four and five, while there’s frustration in the corner of GSP. Hendricks keeps the pressure on and GSP is trying to get something going. GSP working for a kimura lock standing and Hendricks wiggles his way free. Hendricks deep on a takedown and he’s got it. GSP has nothing off his back, but he breaks free and starts working for the kimura again while being pushed into the fence to close this five rounder.

St-Pierre wins via split decision

– Rashad Evans vs. Chael Sonnen:

Round One: Sonnen presses forward and pushes Evans into the fence. Knees to the leg land for Sonnen in close and Evans turns it around. Both fighters jockey for position against the fence here. Evans drops for a takedown and Sonnen down but Sonnen fights it off and looks for a guillotine choke. Evans isn’t in any danger here and ends up sealing the takedown. Evans raises up and lands a hard elbow that has Sonnen shriveling up and looking for the door. Evans is all over him here and gets full mount before Sonnen goes face down. Evans is raining down punches until Sonnen submits to strikes.

Evans wins via submission (strikes) @ 4:05 of round one

– Rory MacDonald vs. Robbie Lawler:

Round One: Lawler comes out kicking and MacDonald is staying on the outside. MacDonald goes high with a kick but it doesn’t land. Lawler gets in his face and throws a left hook that barely misses the target. Lawler a bit hesitant with his punches and MacDonald isn’t doing much either. MacDonald keeps working front kicks and slips a a few of Lawler’s power punches. Round ends with the crowd getting restless

Round Two: MacDonald tries to get a takedown and Lawler defends it well, landing some punches in the process, MacDonald backs off, but lands a nice kick to the body. Another kick to the body lands for MacDonald and he follows up with a straight right. MacDonald finally secures a takedown along the fence and he postures up to drop down some big punches. Lawler stays out of danger and the round ends with MacDonald on top.

Round Three: Lawler lands some big punches and MacDonald is hurt. MacDonald takes Lawler down and Lawler reverses position and winds up in MacDonald’s guard. They’re back to their feet and Lawler lands another huge punch that sends MacDonald reeling backward, but Lawler jumps in his guard instead of letting him back up to finish the job. MacDonald stays composed and gets back up with 30 seconds left in the round. MacDonald gets the takedown and unleashes a barrage of elbows as the final buzzer sounds.

Lawler wins via split decision

– Josh Koscheck vs. Tyron Woodley:

Round One: Loscheck moves in with a jab and Woodley goes over the top with a left right that stuns Koscheck. As Woodley goes for the kill, Koscheck manages to find an advantage with Woodley on the fence. They separate to exchange and Woodley gets the best of it. Another punches by Woodley drops Koscheck and Woodley jumps on him for the finish. Not much action going on and Herb Dean stands them up and Koscheck lands a right hand with Woodley on the fence. Woodley doesn’t back down and puts Koscheck down with a strong right hook from the southpaw stance. Two more punches land on the target and Koscheck is flat and out cold.

Woodley wins via knockout (punches) @ 3:48 of round one

– Tim Elliott vs. Ali Bagautinov:

Round One: Elliot comes out unorthodox and using kicks from all angles and Baugatinov is circling out, looking to land one big punch. Baugatinov hits him with a right and Elliot is wobbly. Bagautinov again lands the right and a nice knee behind it. Elliot grabs a single and Baugatinov is fast to defend it. Elliot lands one and Bagautinov takes him down, but Elliot returns to his feet with a quickness. Bagautinov lands a straight right hand and Elliot is trying to stay in his face to fire off his own strikes but Bagautinov is too fast and powerful to allow Elliot to get anything going.

Round Two: Elliot presses the action and Bagautinov makes him pay with a hard right hand. Elliot moves in with a knee and Bagautinov takes him down, but he’s trapped in a arm in guillotine of Elliot’s. The Russian lifts him up and slams his way out of the choke but Elliot lands in full guard after bringing Bagautinov down to the ground. Not much is done before Bagautinov finds his way back up and goes back to throwing bombs. Elliot with some jabs here and Bagautinov is fighting on the outside and looking to move in with one or two punches at a time. Elliot with his hands down here but he’s staying out of danger by using good head movement. Elliot drops for a takedown and Bagautinov winds up on top. They scramble back up and Elliot stays walking Bagautinov down before the buzzer sounds

Round Three: Elliot continues to move forward and Bagautinov is still laying back for the one punch knockout. Nice one two punch from Elliot lands but Bagautinov isn’t budging. Elliot turning it up here and landing more punches than he has this entire fight. Right hands from Bagautinov and Elliot shrugs off a takedown attempt. Elliot lands a punch and slams Bagautinov to the canvas and ands a knee as Bagautinov was on his way up, but he’s out of time.

Bagautinov wins via unanimous decision

Prelim card (Fox Sports 1)

– Donald Cerrone vs. Evan Dunham:

Round One: Dunham comes out with a spear and Cerrone serves him a knee for his troubles. Cerrone lands another clean knee to Dunham’s face and Dunham wobbles. More knees are on their way and Cerrone follows up with some stiff punches that drops Dunham. Cerrone follows him to the ground and lands some ground and pound before Dunham turns into his guard. Dunham now has Cerrone pressed up against the cage and Cerrone is right back in his face when they separate. Cerrone with a huge knee and Dunham lands a nice counter right hook that knocked Cowboy off-balance.

Round Two: Cerrone moves in with his muay thai approach and Dunham is looking to make it a dog fight. Dunham lands a straight left that moves Cerrone back and he lands a nice hook just after. Cerrone hits him with a kick to the leg and tries to duck under for a takedown but Dunham stuffs it with relative ease and goes back to sticking and moving. Left hook from Cerrone lands and Dunham returns with one of his own. Cerrone has the body lock around Dunham’s waist and trips him down to the ground. Dunham has half guard and he’s looking for a sweep. As Dunham lands in the guard, Cerrone traps him in a triangle. Dunham tries to stack him but it’s too late and the tap comes  in round two.

Cerrone wins via submission (triangle) @ 3:49 of round two

– Ed Herman vs. Thales Leites:

Round One: Both fighters enter the pocket exchanging wildly and a punch from Leietes seems to have stunned Herman and he falls to his back. Leites working from full guard and he stands up to drop down some heavy shots. Herman staying out of danger and Leites moves to half guard and he’s working to pass. Leites in side control now, Herman rolls out and stands back up. Leites now has him pressed against the cage and he gets another takedown. Leites moving more smoothly here on the mat and he advances from mount to side control like butter. Full back mount here for Leites and Herman moves to turtle position. Leites working for the rear naked choke and arm triangles, but doesn’t fully commit to any of them. Round ends as Herman returns to his feet.

Round Two: Herman gets off some good punches before Leites gets him with his back on the cage. The fight stays on the fence for a bit before Leites gets the trip takedown and lands in Herman’s half guard. Full mount for Leites and Herman tries to roll out but Leites takes the back. Herman goes to turn into Leites’ guard and Leites isn’t having it. Leites returns to half guard with 30 seconds remaining in round two, not really trying to advance or land much damage from top position.

Round Three: Leites moves in with a strong jab and Herman chucks a slow head kick that is off. Herman lands a right and Leites responds before pressing Herman back against the fence. Herman fighting with more urgency on the feet, winging hook shots with all his might while Leites looks to gain another takedown along the fence. Herman holds onto the fence as Leites was trying to take him down and referee Kim Winslow warns him for it. Leites advances to side control and takes Herman’s back without any trouble. Leites ends up with nothing here and winds up back in Herman’s half guard before advancing back to mount before the final bell sounds.

Leites wins via unanimous decision

– Brian Ebersole vs. Rick Story:

Round One: Story moves in and stuffs an early takedown attempt from Ebersole. Story staying in his face, looking to land that big left hand. Ebersole is laying back and not really mounting any effective offensive attacks. Story lands with a left that pops Ebersole’s head back. Ebersole responds with another shot that’s way off the mark. Story tries a front kick and Ebersole throws a combo, but Story gets the better of the exchange. Double jab by Story and he follows up with a straight left punch. Story swarms on Ebersole as the bell for round one sounds.

Round Two: Story gets a takedown and Ebersole pops back up. Ebersole drops for a takedown that Story defends well. Story still walking Ebersole down here and he’s landing the harder punches. Story with a left elbow that just misses and Ebersole responds with one of his own. Story lands a nice left punch that has Ebersole backing away for a moment, but he’s right back for more. Story continues to box him up, landing hard punches to the head and body of Ebersole. Ebersole presses Story against the fence and lands a huge right hand before the round ends.

Round Three: Story closes the distance and trips Ebersole to the ground. He postures up to land some ground and pound but Ebersole is right back to his feet. Story lands a left and stuffs a takedown. Ebersole is landing a nice jab that Story counters with a punch to the body. Story lands a leg kick that buckled Ebersole and he smells the blood. Ebersole is now looking to check the kick and Story just swarms in with hook shots that whiz by the face of Ebersole. Story seals a takedown with 19 seconds left and he’s landing knees to the body and short elbows from side control to finish the round strong.

Story wins via unanimous decision

Erik Perez vs. Edwin Figueroa:

Referee: Kim Winslow

Round One:

Perez throws a high kick but Figueora counters with a two punch combination. Perez throws a low kick that lands south of the border and the fight is paused. The fight resumes. Perez attacks with an inside low kick followed up by a take down. Figueroa works his way back up to his feet against the cage. Perez goes high with a knee. Perez lands a hard front kick that sends Figueroa to the ground. He gets back up and Perez continues to seemingly pick apart Figueroa on the feet, landing a hard straight right. Perez has a cut on the bridge of his nose. Perez moves over to half guard and batters the ribs of Figueroa. Perez almost transitions to full mount but Perez hip escapes out and returns to his feet. Perez immediately takes him back to the ground and ends up in half guard once again.

@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 Perez

Round Two:

Perez connects early with a right hand that sends Figueora to the ground. He recovers, but Perez is stalking him down landing a lead right elbow. Figueora lands a big uppercut that has Figueora changing levels for a take down. Perez picks Figueora up well over his head and slams him to the mat. Perez transitions to back control. Figueora props up to his knees against  the cage – Perez sticks on him and peppers him with some ground and pound. Figueora is able to get back to his feet momentarily but Perez almost immediately takes him back down. Perez is working his ground and pound from full guard. Perez transitions over to side control while isolating an arm for a triangle. Winslow.. stands them up.. with 5 seconds to go in the round..

@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 Perez

Round Three:

Figueora is moving forward trying to get some offense strung together but Perez is circling effectively preventing Figueora from stringing anything together. Perez goes low with a kick. Perez throws a spinning wheel kick but just misses. Perez level changes and secures another take down once again landing in the half gaurd of his opponent. Perez steps over and transitions to side mount once again hunting for the arm triangle. Perez is attacking the body now, Figueora manages to return to hsi feet but eats a right hand over the top that has him backing up. Perez took control of this fight mixing it up with take downs and his power strikes.

@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 Perez

Erik Perez defeats Edwin Figueora via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Preliminary card (Facebook/YouTube)

= = = = = = = = = =
Jason High vs. Anthony Lapsley

Referee: Mario Yamasaki

Round One:

They touch gloves and we’re underway. Lapsley charges forward right a right but High changes levels and secures the take down almost immediately. High moves immediately into full mount and begins to pour it on with his ground and pound. Lapsley rolls and gives up his back. High sinks both hooks in. Lapsley is able to get up to his feet against the cage but High immediately shoots for the take down. Lapsley is on his knees, High sinks in a guillotine attempt and pulls guard but lands wrong and Lapsley is safe, but High still in a dominant position. High moves to his back, picks Lapsley up and slams him back down taking his back once again. High looks for the rear naked once again but Lapsley defends. High transitions from back control to mount. Lapsley rolls but High stays on him, taking his back once more. High moves for the guillotine once again. It’s deep. He rolls into a full mount guillotine but Lapsley defends. High maintains mount to close out the round.

@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-8 High

Round Two:

Lapsley leads with his right hook again but High level changes almost immediately and ends up, once again, in mount. High threatens with a mounted guillotine but Lapsley defends, High maintains mount. Lapsley rolls, High rolls with him taking his back. They roll again, Lapsley is finally able to get on top of High. High controlling Lapsley’s posture from on his back, preventing much ground and pound from getting through. Lapsley postures up to drop out a right. High is able to hip escape but Lapsley stays right on him and moves to half guard. High looks to buck Lapsley off of him as Lapsley isolates the left arm of High. Lapsley with a good elbow from the top.

@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 Lapsley

Round Three:

Lapsley opens with a kick up the middle followed by a right hook. High responds with a jab. High explodes forward with a combination and then level changes for the take down. High in Lapsley’s guard. High stacks up on Lapsley and is opening up with his ground and pound. High throws Lapsley’s legs to the side and passes to side control. High moves towards an anaconda choke. High goes for the guillotine once again and pulls guard. Lapsley is able to escape but High transitions to an omaplata. High escapes and ends up on top but High is able to reverse position. Lapsley pops up to his feet and takes the back of High. High rolls for a leg lock attempt. Lapsley defends and stays on him. Lapsley looks to take his back but slips off and it is High back on top control. High works in half guard and rides out the position to close out the round.

@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 High

Jason High defeats Anthony Lapsey via unanimous decision

Sergio Pettis vs. Will Campuzano

Referee: Herb Dean

Round One:

Pettis coming out looking like Anthony with his movement but Campuzano immediately shoots for a double leg. He completes it but Pettis threatens with a guillotine, forcing a stand up. Pettis throws a high kick but Campuzano catches the kick and secures another take down. Pettis has control of the left wrist. Campuzano breaks the control, there’s a brief scramble and they pop up to their feet but Campuzano moves to the back of Pettis and has a single hook in against the cage. Pettis turns into Campuzano and ends up on top of him. Pettis postures up to his feet and knees Campuzano in the body as he’s downed. Campuzano stands and eats a kick to the body. They separate. Campuzano lands a body kick of his own. Campuzano presses forward with an uppercut. Pettis attacks the lead leg of Campuzano that landed very hard. He follows it up with two more. His corner is yelling for him to attack Campuzano’s lead leg. Pettis continues to throw to the front leg, but is now using it to set up punching combinations.Pettis jumps up for a flying knee but Campuzano catches him and takes him down with 15 seconds to go in the round. Campuzano postures up for some ground and pound before the bell.

@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 Pettis

Round Two:

Campuzano coming out aggressive in this second round, charging forward landing but still getting the worse of the exchanges. Campuzano is hunting for a take down but Pettis is sticking and moving very effectively. Campuzano goes to the body, body, head. Pettis lands a kick to the body, Campuzano answers with a right hand. Pettis shoots in for a double leg, securing the take down and landing on top of Campuzano’s butterfly guard. Campuzao looks to return to his feet, Pettis secures a power guillotine that was tight but Campuzano rolled to his back to defend. Pettis is on top of him in full mount and hunts for a kimura. Campuzano defends. Pettis transitions to his back for a rear naked. Campuzano turns into Pettis and ends up on top and in Pettis’ guard. Pettis is calm on his back, Campuzano postures up to his feet and rains down a right hand that lands flush. Pettis rolls and gives up his back to get to his feet – Campuzano stays with him. Pettis is able to reverse position and drag Campuzano back to the ground as he moves into side control. Campuzano is able to regain a butterfly guard and push Pettis off. Pettis shot in for a take down and ate a knee that has Campuzano backing up.

@MikalMMA’s Scorecard: 10-9 Pettis

Round Three:

Pettis defends a take down from Campuzano and looks for that power  guillotine once again as they’re on their feet but Campuzano defends and shoots in for another take down completing it and landing in Pettis’ full guard. Campuzano is looking to isolate the right arm of Pettis for a triangle but Pettis defends and regains full guard. Pettis actively throwing his legs up hunting for submissions, Campuzano throwing light ground and pound to stay active as we approach the half way mark of the third round. Sergio throws his legs up and grabs an arm for a triangle but Campuzano defends. Campuzano postures up to his feet for some ground and pound but Pettis trips him up. They scramble, Campuzano almost ends up in full mount but Pettis gets back to his feet. Campuzano eats a big punch on his way back to his feet. Campuzano shoots for another take down but Pettis sprawls and transitions to his back. Campuzano is back to his feet, Pettis looks for a trip but Campuzano defends. Final 10 seconds, Pettis secures a body lock take down landing in side control to end the fight.

@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 Campuzano

Sergio Pettis defeats Will Campuzano via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Cody Donovan vs. Gian Villante

Referee: Kim Winslow

Round One:

They clinch and unload some short shots early, Donovan with a right over the top and Villante landing some uppercuts. They separate. Villante lands a low kick. Donovan moves inside and goes to the body. Villante eats a jab and a low kick. Donovan goes high with a kick that clips the side of his head that has Villante backing up. Donovan tries to swarm, Villante gets his composure. Donovan goes high again. Villante and Donovan engage in a clinch, Villante getting better position pressing Villante against the cage. Donovan sets up another right hand with his jab. Donovan leads with an uppercit. Villante responds with a low kick. Donovan lands two consecutive straight rights before throwing a low kick. Donovan responds with another right. Donovan throws a hard body kick that lands but Villante catches it and uses it to secure the take down landing in half guard. Donovan regains full guard and has a tight closed guard. Donovan swivels his hips for an arm bar, Villante stands up and lets him back on his feet. Villante throws his jab in Donovan’s face. Donovan lands another right, follows it up with a jab and a left hook all landing flush. Donovan appears to of been eye poked but no time out called – he’s backing up. Villante chases after him, eats a knee, and lands a knee of his own before the bell.

@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 Donovan

Round Two:

Donovan is continuing to throw his right over the top and has found a home for it. Villante is standing infront of Donovan eating it every time its thrown. Donovan level changes for a take down, eats a knee on his way through. Villante stuffs and is pressed against the cage momentarily. They break free. Donovan throws a high kick but Villante lands his right hand before the kick and sends Donovan to the mat! Villante swarms him and finishes him off!

Gian Villante defeats Cody Donovan via TKO (strikes) at 1:22 in round 2.