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Top 10 Wins of Vitor Belfort’s Career

36-year old icon Vitor Belfort has been blasting opponents into orbit for more than fifteen years. The heavy-handed Brazilian’s latest example of sublime striking came this weekend at UFC Fight Night 32 where Belfort accomplished the previously unthinkable by stopping Dan Henderson with strikes. So where did the victory over “Hendo” stack up on Belfort’s all-time list of wins? (Photos by USA Today Sports Images)

  • hindsightufuk says:

    its crazy that Vitor has been around so long and only now is starting to beat the very top ranked guys.
    And when you have to rank a lucky/freak cut to someones eyelid as one of your best ever wins, that tells a story.
    In reality only the top three are really notable wins for what was going on and who was ranked where at the time.

    Vitor is a joy to watch at the moment, look forward to him getting that title shot soon. And if he doesnt i want to see him fight jacare

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Hindsight I don’t really agree with only the top 3 are notable. He beat a prime wanderlai, and also herring who was a top ranked hw a weight class bigger than vitor so that’s pretty impressive.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    beating Wanderlei at any time is impressive but at the time he was an unknown entity, a young bare knuckle brawler who hadn’t faced any big name fighters.
    Also beating a big ass Herring was impressive i agree, and he was Prides top HW for a while. But he was still only Heath Herring. He was Prides top HW when their best fighters were Enson & Ericsson & Kerr & Goodridge etc

    I just think when you take into account when he fought these guys, they’re not as notable as KOing perennial top 10 guys like he is now. They are notable sure, but really Vitors win list should be way more impressive than it is


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