Dustin Ortiz vs. Jose Maria

Let’s kick things off in the flyweight division, as Dustin Ortiz takes on Jose Maria. Ortiz (11-2) will be making his UFC debut and is on a three-fight win streak, while Maria (33-4) was finished by John Lineker this past August, his first loss since 2008.

Kevin MacDonald is assigned to be the third man inside the Octagon. As usual, the Brazilian fans are there early and loud, giving Maria a nice ovation.

Round 1: Right away, Maria tosses a spinning back fist that just misses and a smooth side kick. Ortiz, though, isn’t backing down, moving forward and right into the power-range of Maria. Nice overhand right into a double-leg takedown by Maria, who works to take the back but it unable to keep Ortiz down. Maria with a second takedown, this time off a trip. Again, to the back, but unable to secure any hooks at this point. Ortiz connects with a combo and a low blow to Maria causes our first break in action. Maria has recovered and is throwing his leg kicks, connecting with a pair of hard ones. Ortiz this time gets the better of a scramble, taking the back and bringing Maria down. Ortiz gets his second takedown, but winds up right in a guillotine with 30 seconds left. Maria is working hard to clasp his hands together, but he doesn’t have a good angle to get the submission.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Maria

Round 2: Just like round one, Maria throws a spinning back fist to start the action, and misses again. Perfect side kick from the Brazilian, and he follows it up with a kick to the lead leg. Big right lands and Ortiz could be uneasy as the crowd roars in approval. A second low blow from Ortiz connects to Maria and we have another stop. Maria is good to go and comes out firing on Ortiz. This ref is into the action, jumping down on the canvas as Ortiz goes for a takedown. He is all over this bout, and that’s good to see in this day and age. Ortiz looks more calm and is firing off his strikes with more power and effectiveness. Superman punch lands and he goes for a takedown, but gets denied. Maria, though, scores with a third takedown off a trip. Switch from Ortiz and they wind up back on the feet. Ortiz cuts Maria, who is working for another choke late in the round but can’t get it.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Ortiz

Round 3: Ortiz with a takedown and into side control, as Maria locks in an under hook. Ortiz on top, doing a lot of damage in that position while Maria works for a potential kneebar. Nothing of the submission is available and Ortiz steps over into the mount, punishing the face. The Brazilian crowd is willing Maria on, but he is mounted and being pounded with just under three minutes to go. Maria tries to roll out, but winds up back on his back and in a bad position. Ortiz reigns down with hammerfists as Maria screams and the ref jumps in. This one is over and Ortiz has a win in his Octagon debut.

Dustin Ortiz def. Jose Maria via TKO (strikes) at 3:19 of Round 3