Tim Kennedy said he would take to social media to find his next opponent.

Well, he didn’t have to look hard, as Michael Bisping quickly stepped up to the challenge.

Kennedy, fresh off a knockout of Rafael Natal, sent “The Count” the following on Twitter:

“Hey Bisping you should keep your one good eye on me and get the other one healthy,” wrote Kennedy, in reference to Bisping having to pull out of a planned fight with Mark Munoz due to eye issues.

It didn’t take Bisping long to counter, writing back, “don’t start acting hard because you ko’d some random Brazilian. News flash, NO ONE GIVES A (expletive). If u want it. April, let’s go.”

Kennedy added back, “you are conveniently a tough guy when you are still hiding behind that little eye patch of yours,” to which Bisping replied, “well it’s simple. Call the UFC and say u wanna fight me in April. Put your money where your mouth is big shot.”

Bisping has stated he plans to return sooner than later, but UFC president Dana White made it clear he wants him 100-percent before he does so.