November 6, 2013– Mainstream mixed martial arts stops in Fort Campbell, Kentucky for UFC Fight Night 31: Fight For The Troops 3 before heading to Goias, Brazil to put on a serious showdown between Dan Henderson and Vitor Belfort this weekend. As usual, you can stay at for your live round-by-round coverage and full fight results as they unfold.

There are also some intriguing preliminary bouts in addition to the main card, which are set to begin @ 5:00 p.m. ET/2:00 p.m. PT on Fox Sports 1. Then the main card continues, also on FS1, starting around 7:00 p.m. ET/4:00 p.m. PT.

Main Card (Fox Sports 1)

– Tim Kennedy vs. Rafael Natal:

Round One: Big reception for the Green Beret as he makes his way to the Octagon. Natal has the height and reach advantage over Kennedy. They meet in the center to touch gloves and this main event is underway. Kennedy comes out walking Natal down and he avoids a tricky kick. Natal whips a kick to the outside leg and it forces Kennedy backward. Natal tries a kick and spins around. Kennedy now throwing kicks and Natal cracks him with a hard right hand. Natal shoots in and Kennedy fens it off. Natal throws another spin kick that’s off the mark. Natal kicks the leg and drops Kennedy with it but hes right back up for more. Kennedy walking him down again and throws a big kick to the body. Uppercut by Kennedy and Natal tries a backfist that’s off. Kennedy continues pressing forward and tries a trick kick himself. Natal now standing southpaw and switches back as Kennedy lands a punch. Thirty seconds to go here in round one and Kennedy lands a huge left hook that drops Natal and the follow-up punches are unnecessary.

Kennedy wins via knockout @ 4:40 of Round One

– Liz Carmouche vs. Alexis Davis:

Round One: Davis pushing the jab and a low kick follows. Carmouche answers with some kicks of her own. Carmouche comes over the top with a hook and she changes levels like she’s thinking about a takedown, but that may not be her best bet against Davis. The ladies keep it standing to box it out and Carmouche is moving backward and circling out. Davis keeps walking Carmouche down here and chopping away at the legs. Davis lets her hands go for a moment and lands a few clean punches in the process. Carmouche wings a right as Davis kicks the leg. Roun ens with Davis chasing Carmouche around the Octagon

Round Two: Davis comes out looking confident as she should. Carmouche gets back on her bicycle and Davis is walking her down. Davis throws a combo that lands on the target and she has a cut over her right eye. Davis still keeps pressing forward and Carmouche is circling out. Carmouche comes in with a left right that lands and Davis returns with a lowkick and a left hand. Davis takes Carmouche down and lands in side control while working short elbows. Carmouche using the fence to try and push off but Davis is preventing it. Davis pounds the body and Carmouche turns it around as the round ends

Round Three: Davis closes the distance to get right back where she was at the near end of round two. Davis gets the body lock around the waist but she can’t get the takedown. Davis bleeding all over Carmouche’s arm here as she works light knees to the leg and body. They separate and Carmouche lands a nice right hand on the cut over Davis’ eye. Davis throws a few and closes the distance with a clinch. Carmouche looking slower here and Davis is going low with knees to the leg and up top with punches. Carmouche tries a trip takedown an doesn’t get it. Davis finishes strong, walking Carmouche down and landing punches

Davis wins via unanimous decision

– Ronny Markes vs. Yoel Romero:

Round One: Fight starts and Romero is moving in and out. Markes throws a couple kicks out there to let him know they’re there. Both fighters going back and forth with kicks to the legs. Markes with a takedown and Romero powers his way free and lands a punch. Romero moves in with a left that pushes Markes back and Markes gets right back in there to slug it out. Romero slips and flips backward to get up. Romero throws a left an a low kick behind it. Markes gets a trip and Romero has half guard here. Markes works for a kimura and Romero flips out of it and stand back up. Romero lighting Markes up on the feet here and Markes is trying to keep his distance. Romero with a front kick to the leg and moves in with a strong left. Markes tries a knee in close and Romero answers with a left right

Round Two: Second round underway and Romero pushes with a double jab.  Markes moves in with some punches and Romero lans a knee and an uppercut. Markes wings a right hand and falls down. Markes is down and Romero stands over him and he doesn’t look too sure about what he wants to do here. Romero throws a spin kick that misses and Markes looks frozen solid. Markes must have heard me say that and starts unloading with punches as the round closes

Round Three: Markes starts this third round where he left off, winging punches and being super aggressive. Markes falls to the canvas and Romero stays on him. They return to their feet and Romero unloads with some flurries that find the mark. Markes looks hurt and Romero lands a huge overhand right that floors Markes. A follow up shot lands and it’s over.

Romero wins via TKO @ 1:39 of Round One

– Jorge Masvidal vs. Rustam Khabilov:

Round One: Khabilov wings an overhand and Masvidal stays tight and compact. Khabilov bouncing around and throws an uppercut followed by a left hook. Masvidal with a left hook and he’s holding his hands up high. Khabilov lands a right hand and Masvidal counters well. Masvidal walking Khabilov down here and Khabilov closes the distance with a right hand. Khabilov shoots and Masvidal defends. Khabilov switches to a single and Masvidal shakes him off and lands some punches and a knee. Khabilov goes up with a strike and Masvidal tries a flying knee. Khabilov brings him down and hold a headlock for a moment. Masvidal breaks free and makes him pay with some more strikes.  Masvidal finishes the round strong, landing strikes at will

Round Two: Khabilov still bouncing around on his heels and Masvidal lands a hard jab. Inside kick from Masvidal and Khabilov goes over the top with a right and across with a left. Masvidal keeping an active jab and Khabilov again pushes forward with a right. Masvidal staying in his face and eats a left coming in. Masvidal goes low then high with a kick. Khabilov looks for a knee but Masvidal isn’t there. Khabilov circling around and Masvidal lands a left hook and a right hand. Khabilov keeps throwing the right and Masvidal blocking them all. Khabilov goes to the body and Masvidal puts on a grin. Masvidal trips Khabilov down and postures up in his guard. Khabilov gets up and tries a throw but it doesn’t work. Khabilov closes the distance and has the lock around Masvidal’s waist. Khabilov drags him to the ground momentarily but Masvidal pops back up and breaks free. Khabilov with a right hand and Masvidal answers with a knee. Round ends

Round Three: Masvidal comes out pushing forward and Khabilov lands a spin kick to the head that floors Masvidal. Khabilov jumps on him and works for a guillotine choke. Masvidal makes his way out and Khabilov moves to the back. Masvidal rolls out and returns to his feet. WOW! How tough is Jorge Masvidal? Masvidal now has Khabilov on the fence and he’s pressing the action as they separate. Masvidal goes for a kick and Khabilov gets him down and takes his back. Masvidal sits up and rolls out but Khabilov stays on him. Masvidal stands up and Khabilov backs away. Khabilov shoots and Masvidal defends it, but he’s getting pressed up against the fence with less than a minute left in the fina round. Khabilov has him down and lands a few body shots before they return to their feet to finish this action packed scrap

Khabilov wins via unanimous decision

– Colton Smith vs. Michael Chiesa:

Round One: Smith working kicks and gets in on a takedown and Chiesa lands a nice sweep and lands in mount. Chiesa works a tight choke around the neck but Smith stays strong. Colton now on Chiesa’s back and Chiesa slams him down and Smith releases the choke. Colton staying on him and holds a full nelson for a moment. Chiesa stands back up and the round ends

Round Two: Smith closes the distance and has Chiesa pressed up against the fence. Chiesa gets a lock around the body and tries a trip but it doesn’t work. They are back to their feet and Chiesa throws some kicks before Smith locks him up again. Chiesa with a throw and takes Smith’s back fast. Chiesa locks up the rear naked choke. Smith taps and the fight’s over

Chiesa wins via submission (rear naked choke) @ 1:41 of Round Two

Preliminary card (Fox Sports 1)

– James Krause vs. Bobby Green:

Round One: They touch gloves and Krause immediately comes out with a kicking attack. Green responds with some push kicks of his own and one lands low. Krause takes a break and Green is apologetic. They restart and right back to kicking low is Krause. Krause tries to lock him up in the clinch and Green avoids. Krause keeping a long jab out there and he catches a kick from Green. Green now turning it up with his boxing and Krause goes high with a kick. Overhand right from Krause and Green is staying on him. Green goes low to the body with a punch and Krause answers with a punh kick combination. Nice right hand from Green and Krause returns with one. Green popping him with the jab and Krause’s offense is slowing fast. Green tags him again and another low shot is landed as Krause was ducking for the legs. The action restarts and Green comes out with a front kick before another low shot lands. The ref stops the fight as Krause crumbles to the canvas face down. Green is upset until Big John tells him he won the fight and the shot was legal. Replay shows Krause was kicked in the waistline.

Green wins via TKO @ 3:50 of Round One

– George Roop vs. Francisco Rivera:

Round One: Roop comes out with a jab and a kick behind it. Roop with a one two an a left high kick after that whizzes by the face of Francisco. Roop with a takedown and Rivera stuffs it before landing a right left flush. Roop gets the takedown and he works to take the back and is unsuccessful doing so. Rivera staying strong and they exchange on the feet for the rest of the round

Round Two: They exchange some more and Roop is getting off more kicks this round. Rivera is still winging bombs and not really finding the target. Roop moves in with a jab and Rivera hits him with a two punch combo. Roop lands a low shot and the action stops momentarily. Roop with a front kick and Rivera stays on him with strong punches. Rivera continues the onslaught until Roop is on skates. Rivera follows up with more and this fight is over. Impressive performance by Rivera.

Rivera wins via TKO @ 2:20 of Round Two

– Dennis Bermudez vs. Steven Siler:

Round One: Bermudez comes out with the cornrows this time and Siler is circling around and looking for kicks. Bermudez gets him down and Siler is up in no time. A knee from Bermudez lands low and the action restarts in the center. Bermudez is going down with kicks and up with punches. Bermudez bulldozes for the takedown and Siler locks in a guillotine. Bermudez rolls out. Siler with another and Bermudez powers out of it. Siler with a triangle and Burmudez slams him down and starts working some solid ground and pound. Burmudez with a choke attempt and Siler stays tough and fights out of it. They stand up and Siler gets slammed before the round ends. Wild fight!

Round Two: They come out striking until Bermudez finds another takedown. Siler works back to his feet and he has Bermudez on the fence. Bermudez takes a quick breather before going right back to the blast takedown. Bermudez working a headlock from top position and Siler is too tough to let it phase him. They return to their feet and the troops count down before the round ends

Round Three: Bermudez lands a punch before taking Siler to the ground. Siler uses the guillotine hold to get back to his feet and Bermudez is moving well on the outside and changing levels. Bermudez presses Siler ino the fence and Siler avoids but Bermudez lands a nice right hand. Bermudez still walking Siler down here and goes low then high with a kick, back up with a punch and down to the body. Nice work being done by Bermudez. Just as Siler goes to wind up, Bermudez drives through him and brings him back down to the ground. Siler makes his way back up and Siler is caught in a standing guillotine. Siler gets out and they trade big punches until the end of a good fight

Bermudez wins via unanimous decision

– Germaine de Randamie vs. Amanda Nunes:

Round One: Both ladies touch ’em up and de Randamie comes out more patiently and using precise low kicks. Nunes spins with some tricky strikes that don’t even come close. Nunes gets more aggressive and grabs ahold of a single-leg in close and up against the fence, but de Randamie is staying strong. Nunes finally gets the trip and mounts de Randamie while they’re up against the fence. De Randamie turns away from the cage and tries to use it to escape. Nuns stays strong and unloads some heavy ground and pound down on de Randamie and not much defense is shown for Herb Dean to let it continue, so he stops the fight. Joe Rogan disagrees, but no one cares about what he says

Nunes wins via TKO @ 3:56 of Round One

Preliminary card (Online Prelims)

– Chris Camozzi vs. Lorenz Larkin: Larkin wins via unnimous decision
– Yves Edwards vs. Yancy Medeiros: Medeiros wins via knockout @ 2:47 of Round One
– Neil Magny vs. Seth Baczynski: Baczynski wins via unanimous decision
– Derek Brunson vs. Brian Houston: Brunson via submission (rear naked choke) @ :48 seconds if Round One