Oct. 26, 2013– The Octagon arrives in Manchester, England for UFC Fight Night 30: Machida vs Munoz. “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Mark Munoz welcomes Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida down to the middleweight division in the main event. Ross “Real Deal” Pearson, winner of Ultimate Fighter: United States vs. United Kingdom, takes on Melvin “The Young Assassin” Guillard for the co-main event

There are also some free preliminary bouts that begin before the main card, which are set to begin @ 12:00 p.m. ET/9:00 a.m. PT on Facebook/Youtube. Then, the remainder of the prelims will shift to Fox Sports 2 and will begin around @ 3:00 p.m. ET/12:00 p.m. PT

Main Card (Fox Sports 2)

– Lyoto Machida vs Mark Muñoz:

Round One: Let’s see how Machida fares at middleweight, shall we? They come out and touch gloves in the center and Munoz is circling on the outside as Machida is walking him down slowly. Munoz moves in with a low kick and Machida avoids it. Machida feinting here and setting up something big. Munoz holding back a bit but throws another kick to Machida’s leg. Machida moving in with punches now and Munoz backs away. Machida with a kick to the body and Munoz takes it and backs off. Another hard kick to the body lands for Machida and Munoz is laying back and not doing much. Machida with a left high kick that drops Munoz and the ref rescues him from any unnecessary follow-up punches.

Machida wins via knockout (head kick) @ 3:10 of Round One

– Ross Pearson vs. Melvin Guillard:

Round One: This lightweight standoff is underway and they touch gloves in the center. Pearson takes the center and lands a hard low kick and a punch behind  it. Guillard firing off right hands and Pearson is still pushing forward and lands a left kick to the body of Guillard. Guillard laying back and one of his right hands hits the target but Pearson continues to press forward and gets popped with another. Guillard gets a takedown and as Pearson tries to break free, Melvin lands a knee to his head and one while Pearson looked to be grounded. The action comes to a halt they’re reviewing the knee, but this fight has been stopped with some controversy.

Fight has been declared a no contest due to an illegal knee to a grounded opponent

– Jimi Manuwa vs. Ryan Jimmo:

Round One: Jimmo comes out and closes the distance with a big right hand. Manuwa avoids and Jimmo stays on him until he pushes Manuwa’s back on the fence. Jimmo working knees to the leg of Manuwa. Not much is going on in close and the ref breaks them up. Manuwa jumps on Jimmo and lands a hard knee to the body and now has Jimmo on the cage. Manuwa landing some hard knees to the body in close and to the legs of Jimmo. They separate and Jimmo is working some karate kicks to Manuwa’s leg. Manuwa responds with punches and attempts a hook kick to the head. Jimmo is landing some punches on Manuwa and they trade a little bit before the first round comes to a close.

Round Two: They collide in the center of the cage and Jimmo pushes Manuwa into the fence and lands a nice knee. Jimmo slows it down and the ref splits them up. Jimmo bouncing around on his heels and Manuwa is just waiting for him. Jimmo leaps in with a left hook and a right behind it. Manuwa responds with a kick and a right hand. Jimmo staying on the outside and fires off a kick to the body. Manuwa still walking him down here and lands a left knee before pressing Jimmo against the fence. Jimmo turns it around and lands a knee to the gut with two minutes left in the second frame. Manuwa lands a flush knee to Jimmo’s nuts and the ref gives him a break. The action continues and Manuwa goes back to walking Jimmo down. Inside kick to the leg of Manuwa for Jimmo and he goes in for a takedown. They separate once again and a knee from Manuwa grazes Jimmo’s dome, then Jimmo leaps back to continue his karate attack, but he lands wrong on his left leg and crumbles to the canvas on his own. The ref stops it and Manuwa is the winner!

Manuwa wins via TKO (injury) @ 4:41 of Round Two

– Norman Parke vs. Jon Tuck:

Round One: Both fighters touch gloves in the center and Tuck starts working kicks high and low. Parke standing southpaw and he’s staying patient on the outside and pawing with the jab. Tuck fires off another kick and Parke blocks it. Parke with a nice left hand and Tuck responds with some knees in close. Tuck moves in with a hook and Parke returns with some nice combos. Tuck with a right hand and Parke hits him back with a left. Parke misses with some punches and goes for a high kick. Tuck with a leg kick and Parke starts walking him down. Tuck with a wild kick that misses and Parke continues boxing him up. Parke secures a big takedown as the first round ends.

Round Two: Parke comes out and throws a left while Tuck kicks the leg. Parke with some hard jabs and another left behind it. Tuck is circling around on the outside and lands a nice kick to the body of Parke. One two punch from Parke and a left to the body behind it. Straight left right uppercut put together by Parke and Tuck is fading slowly. Tuck tries a big right and a left hook that are way off the mark. Parke boxing him up here, going from body shots to combinations up high. Body shot by Tuck and Parke presses him back and lands one of his own. Straight left from Parke and he’s starting to put together three and four punch combinations. Head kick from Parke lands and Tuck is staying tough. Minute and a half to go in round two and Tuck has nothing for the Irishman. Tuck tries a jump knee that misses and Parke gets right back in his face to stick him with jabs and straight left hands. Uppercut from Parke and two left hands in close by Parke before the bell sounds.

Round Three: Side kick from Tuck and Parke pops him with a nice straight left. Tuck tries a fancy kick and Parke goes for a spin kick that’s off. Tuck looking for a takedown without timing it and it’s not there. Tuck moves forward with four or five punches that don’t land flush and Parke is right back on him to continue the boxing attack he’s been showing all night. Parke all over Tuck here and Tuck is staying in there. Parke chasing him around the cage and tuck stops every now and then to try his luck in an exchange of punches. Parke stays on him with just over a minute left in the third and final. Tuck is backing up and Parke is trying to knock him out with punches and kicks, but Tuck is avoiding the big ones well. Left uppercut by Parke and a left to the body behind it. Parke goes for a spin kick to the head that misses. He chases Tuck down as the fight ends.

Parke wins via unanimous decision

– Alessio Sakara vs. Nicholas Musoke:

Round One: No touch of gloves and Musoke enters the pocket throwing wild punches and gets hurt by a big right from Sakara. Sakara gets the takedown but decides to abandon top position and bring it back to the feet. Musoke looks fine and lands a stiff right hand on Sakara. More of the same from Musoke until they wind up on the fence and Musoke is on top. Sakara is looking for triangles off his back and Sakara escapes and gets top position on Musoke. Sakara landing hard gnp here and Musoke locks up an armbar out of nowhere and goes belly down. Sakara is tapping!! One false move from Sakara will likely have him packing his bags and headed to Bellator.

Musoke wins via submission (armbar) @ 3:07 of Round One

– Phil Harris vs. John Lineker:

Round One: Many cheers for the hometown Harris and Lineker looks intense as usual. Lineker touches Harris’ chin right away with a jab. He follows up with some more and a leg kick spins Harris around. Lineker going up and down to the body with right hands and another kick to the leg of Harris. Harris returns with a left hook and he looks comfortable here. Just as I say that Lineker lands a stiff right that puts Harris on his ass, but he’s back to his feet in a moment. Lineker gets right back to throwing them hands and a big left wobbles Harris. Harris answers with flurries of his own and Lineker makes him pay with another right hand that drops Harris. Lineker again going down to the body and back upstairs with big punches. The punches keep coming until one to the body crumbles Harris and some follow-up gnp end the fight. Slick stoppage win for the flyweight.

Lineker wins via TKO @ 2:51 of Round One

Preliminary card (Facebook/YouTube)

– Al Iaquinta vs. Piotr Hallmann: Iaquinta wins via unanimous decision
– Luke Barnatt vs. Andrew Craig: Barnatt wins via submission (rear naked choke) @ 2:12 of Round Two
– Rosi Sexton vs. Jessica Andrade: Andrade wins via unanimous decision
– Andy Ogle vs. Cole Miller: Miller wins via unanimous decision
– Jimy Hettes vs. Robert Whiteford: Hettes wins via submission (triangle choke) @ 2:17 of Round Two
– Brad Scott vs. Michael Kuiper: Scott wins via submission (choke) @ 4:17 of Round One