Bellator 105: Awad vs Brooks— Rio Rancho, New Mexico–Bellator MMA makes its eighth stop in eight weeks to determine the two season nine welterweight tournament finalists. Alexander Sarnavskiy vs Ricardo Tirloni square off in the first semifinal fight, while Saad Awad and Will Brooks battle in a rematch to take the top spot on the card.

It goes down tonight, October 25, 2013, beginning @ 7:00 p.m. ET/4:00 p.m. PT with the preliminary fight card. Switch over to SPIKE TV after that for the remainder of the fight card, which will get started around 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT.

Main Card (Spike TV)

– Saad Awad vs. Will Brooks:

Round One: Intense staredown in the center before the fight gets started. Sarnavskiy is sitting cageside to scout his next opponent as the winner of this match will also advance to the lightweight tournament finals. Brooks comes out throwing low kicks like he used in his last fight. Awad is tentative and Brooks takes advantage by taking him down and passing to side control. Brooks is staying flat on his opponent here and not raising up to land any damage. Awad scoots toward the cage in hope to use it to his advantage. Awad rolls out using the cage and Brooks is up with Awad on his knees. Brooks unloads a knee that looked close to illegal, but the ref lets the action continue. Brooks winds up on top and Awad rolls for an armlock that Brooks shrugs off. Full guard for Awad here and Brooks isn’t doing much to keep this position for very long. The crowd is getting restless just as Brooks postures up to land some punches down on Awad. Awad grazes Brooks with an upkick but Brooks is relentless with the ground attack and gets right back on top of Awad. Brooks traps Awad in a crucifix and gets a near finish as the opening round closes.

Round Two: Brooks approaches the second round differently by coming out with his hands down and switching stances. Awad raises his arms willing to bang but the ground assault in round one has him worried. Just as Awad wings a right hand, Brooks gets the body lock and brings him to the floor once again. This time Awad has a guillotine, but Brooks is too strong and wiggles his way free with ease. Awad scrambles to his feet and Brooks land a leg kick followed by a big right hand. Awad lands a hard jab and Brooks tackles him as he goes to follow up with more punches. Brooks in Awad’s half guard here and he’s looking to pass. Awad regains full guard and not much action is going on in this position. Brooks stands up and Awad tries to chop his head with upkicks from his back. Brooks lands in a triangle and Awad almost has it but Brooks gets saved by the bell.

Round Three: Third and final round of this lightweight semifinal matchup and both fighters come out with less wind. Awad presses forward and Brooks is moving around like Lyoto Machida like he has this one in the bag already. Brooks goes for a takedown and Awad flips him over and winds up on top. Awad is flat on top of him and Brooks explodes to his feet when Awad was looking to advance to mount. Brooks with the body lock around the waist and he drags Awad to the ground. Awad gets off some good punches and proceeds to give his best Nick Diaz impersonation, then Brooks takes him to the ground. You mad, bro? Not much is done by Brooks and the action is restarted on the feet. Brooks evades as Awad goes to unload with a right hand and Awad is furious. Brooks gets him down again and moves to side control. Awad has his face in the mat as Brooks is working a full nelson while landing knees to the body as the fight ends.

Brooks wins via unanimous decision (advances to lightweight tournament finals, faces Alexander Sarnavskiy next)

– Alexander Sarnavskiy vs. Ricardo Tirloni:

Round One: Both fighters touch gloves and Sarnavskiy backs Tirloni to the cage. Sarnavskiy lands a ridiculous spinning backfist and Tirloni plops to the canvas. Sarnavskiy all over him here and Tirloni ends up in top position, but Sarnavskiy finds triangle position right away and it doesn’t take long before Tirloni taps out.

Sarnavskiy wins via submission (triangle) @ 1:01 of Round One (advances to lightweight tournament finals)

– Siala-Mou Siliga vs. Ron Sparks:

Round One: Sparks says that knocking people out is better than sex, while Mighty Mo Siliga just talks about knocking folks out. This could be a good one. Both heavyweights come out and touch gloves. Sparks looks to shoot and Mighty Mo ends up with top position on Sparks. Mighty Mo advances to side control and not much damage is being done so the crowd lets them hear it. Mighty Mo remains on top and traps Sparks’ arm with his leg and starts raining down right hands. Mighty Mo locks up the arm in and cranks it until the ref is forced to call the bout as Sparks was groaning.

Mighty Mo Siliga wins via submission (keylock) @ 2:52 of Round One

– Eugene Fadiora vs. Keith Berry:

Round One: Berry charges in and lands a nice right hand over the top.  Fadiora has Berry pinned against the cage now and he’s working knees to the legs and body until he works a nice trip takedown. Half guard for Berry here and he gains guard before making his way back up to his feet using the fence. Fadiora gets the body lock once again and muscles Berry to the canvas, only he’s not being very active down there. Fadiora now has Berry on his back with his head trapped against the fence. Fadiora advances to side control before attempting to mount Berry, but Berry is quick to regain half guard. A triangle attempt from Berry leads to Fadiora cutting his face up with a punch or elbow. They break up to strike and Berry is walking him down with big shots. Fadiora returns with a right hand and Berry has Fadiora on the cage momentarily. Fadiora lands a nice right hand as the first round ends.

Round Two: Berry comes out storming and looking to land some bombs before the cut over his eye gets any worse. Fadiora lands a right hand followed by another and Berry is feeling the pain. Fadiora with another big right hand and they collide in close. They separate and Fadiora is peppering Berry on the outside. Berry rushes in for some more and Fadiora lets him have it. Body lock by Berry and Fadiora takes him to the ground moments later. Half guard for Berry here and Fadiora works some light gnp before moving to side control. Fadiora locks up the arm with his legs in a crucafix position and starts working some slashing elbows to the head of Berry. Berry escapes for a moment before Fadiora goes right back to work and the referee stops it. What a bloody mess that was.

Fadiora wins via TKO @ 4:19 of Round Two

Preliminary Card (

– Shawn Bunch vs. Steve Garcia: Garcia wins via TKO @ 3:29 of Round Three
– Eddie Larrea vs. Rocky Ramirez: Larrea wins via submission (heel hook) @ 1:45 of Round Two
– Frank Baca vs. Luis Nogueira: Nogueira wins via submission (arm triangle choke) @ 4:44 of Round One
– Josh Lanier vs. Volkan Oezdemir: Oezdemir wins via TKO @ 3:13 of Round One
– Raphael Butler vs. Joseph Bryant: Butler wins via TKO @ 1:04 of Round One
– Desmond Green vs. Angelo Sanchez: Green wins vis TKO (doctor stoppage) @ 1:04 of Round Two