October 19, 2013– The Octagon arrives in Houston, Texas for UFC 166: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos III, where Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos will meet for a third time. In the first fight, Dos Santos landed a haymaker that brought a knockout just 64-seconds into the opening round. Velasquez dished him five rounds of relentless punishment in their rematch late last year.

Another heavyweight matchup between Roy Nelson and Daniel Cormier unravels right before the Velasquez-Dos Santos trilogy. Gilbert Melendez and Diego Sanchez are also set to square off at 155 pounds.

There are also some free preliminary bouts in addition to the main card on Pay-Per-View, which are set to begin @ 6:00 p.m ET/3:00 p.m PT on Facebook/Youtube. Then, the remainder of the prelims will shift to Fox Sports 1 and will begin around @ 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT on Fox Sports 1. The PPV card will get underway @ 10:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. PT

Main Card (PPV)

– Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos:

Round One: Both fighters look intense as they make their way to the Octagon ready to seal this trilogy. They meanmug in the center of the cage and Dos Santos looks like he’s ready to rush Velasquez. Big left hand from Dos Santos and more follow. Velasquez wobbles and Dos Santos hurts him again. Cain desperate to get a takedown here and gets off a right hand of his own. Dos Santos has already landed more than he did in the first fight. Cain separates and they trade punches on the fence. The action goes back to the middle and Dos Santos falls down as he goes for a kick to the head. Velasquez gets Dos Santos down and starts working ground strikes from half guard. Dos Santos tries to roll out and Velasquez is on his back. Dos Santos finds his way back to his feet and Velasquez is on him like glue. Velasquez now trying to trip Dos Santos and releases to land a few solid punches to the head of Dos Santos. Knees to the body by Cain and he’s not letting Dos Santos get the space needed to land something big. Round ends with Dos Santos going for a spin kick as they break. Round ends.

Round Two: Cain keeps the pressure on and holds Dos Santos up against the cage. Cain backs away to land some punches and Dos Santos has his hands down while slipping every punch. Some time is spent in the center before Velasquez drives Dos Santos into the fence and returns to working short shots. Dos Santos throws Velasquez down and jumps over his back but Cain stays on him and the face of Dos Santos is already starting to show the wear of girly punches. Velasquez backs off and Dos Santos uses his moment to try to land a right hand but Velasquez has him back against the fence in an instant. Dos Santos lands a hard punch as the second round ends.

Round Three: Velasquez presses Dos Santos back on the fence and lands a few good rights. Dos Santos is bleeding from his nose and face now. Velasquez continues with short punches to the face in close. Velasquez drops Dos Santos and he’s flat on his back eating huge shots. Dos Santos somehow survives and gets back to his feet but he falls back down to the ground. Velasquez stays on him and doesn’t stop putting the pressure on him. Round ends with Dos Santos bleeding and swollen.

Round Four: Cain closes the distance and Dos Santos almost lands an uppercut. Velasquez separates and blasts Dos Santos with big punches against the cage before pushing him back into the fence. Big elbow from Velasquez in close. They break for a moment and Dos Santos lets off a left hook that grazes the head of Velasquez. More short punches in close from Velasquez and Dos Santos is bleeding all over the back of Velasquez. The ref steps in to get the doc to take a closer look at the cut on Dos Santos’ face. The action restarts and Velasquez unloads some right hands before pressing the challenger right back into the fence.

Round Five: Dos Santos lands a punch and Velasquez has him down and he’s in the guard. Dos Santos goes for a triangle that Cain shoos off. Dos Santos gets to his feet and Velasquez stays on him. Velasquez backs away and lets off a stiff jab followed by a right hand left hook. Velasquez fires off a right hand. Dos Santos goes for a guillotine and Velasquez flips out of it. Dos Santos looks to have landed on his head, and with the amount of damage already done, he can’t even get back to his feet. Velasquez pounces on him and the ref rescues Dos Santos from any unnecessary punishment.

Velasquez via TKO @ 3:09 of Round Five

– Daniel Cormier vs. Roy Nelson:

Round One: Both fighters feeling it out and Cormier is circling around the outside to avoid the big punches Nelson is known to throw. Cormier drops for a single leg and puts Nelson down. Cormier controlling the head here and landing some good ground and pound while Nelson is looking to gain butterfly guard. Nelson up and Cormier brings it right back down. Cormier on the back and cracks him with a few punches to the side of the head. Nelson working for a standing kimura that Cormier fights out of and runs the pipe until he has Nelson on his ass again. Nelson now with his back up against the cage and Cormier backs off a bit to land some hard punches on the beard of Nelson.  Knees in close here for Cormier and one lands low. They reset in the center and Cormier chucks out a kick to the body. Nelson is stalking but he looks frozen. Nelson with an overhand and Cormier comes back with one of his own. More of the same from the two as the round ends. And those exchanges got the crowd going.

Round Two: Cormier fires off a kick to the leg of Nelson. Cormier puts together a right hand left hook. He repeats but this time he follows up with more punches and a level change. Cormier with Nelson against the fence and he backs off to land a huge right hand. Nelson covers up and Cormier reaches down for the legs. Nelson is down for a moment but he works back to his feet. Cormier pressing him against the cage here and lets go to land an uppercut followed by a left hook. They fight out of the clinch and Nelson is walking Cormier down but not really pulling the trigger like he does. Cormier with a one two and a front kick behind it. Left hook to the head and down to the body of Nelson and the round comes to an end.

Round Three: They start where they left off in the second. Cormier working more kicks now and Nelson is still looking a little frozen. Cormier with a right hand and Nelson takes it. Cormier repeats and begins firing off kicks to the body. Nelson now with a right hand and Cormier keeps going for kicks. Nelson now puts his hands down like he’s not just standing around eating shots, so Cormier just goes back to knocking his head around with big punches. Nelson had nothing for him all night.

Cormier via unanimous decision

– Gilbert Melendez vs. Diego Sanchez:

Round One: Big reception for Sanchez and Melendez’s just about matches it. Sanchez comes out pushing the pace and catches a high kick from Melendez and takes him down. Diego is on his back now and Melendez stands up with Sanchez on his back. Sanchez almost has the choke locked in but he’s shaken off and Melendez rifles off some headshots and one to the body of Sanchez. Melendez getting the better of the stand up here and a weak shot from Sanchez is easily stuffed by Melendez. Sanchez tries a left hand up the middle and Melendez dodges it. Melendez pushing Sanchez across the cage and into the fence. They restart in the middle and Sanchez is bleeding from the left side of his face. Melendez lands a few strong punches to the gut of Sanchez. Sanchez responds with a body kick. They exchange before the end of the round and Melendez dropped him. Looked like Sanchez could have been saved by the bell.

Round Two: Melendez lands a right and a left behind it. Sanchez being mostly defensive here. Melendez catches Sanchez and Sanchez unloads with a flurry. The action stops for a second and Sanchez is checked up on by the doctor. He’s fine and the fight continues on. Melendez with a jab and a big right hand behind it. Sanchez slips as he goes for a kick and Melendez. Melendez continues to walk Sanchez down while battering his face with punches. Sanchez gets a quick takedown but Melendez gets right back to his feet and goes back to his boxing. Sanchez goes for a hail mary kick that whizzed by Melendez nose. Another kick from Sanchez is countered by a right hand by Melendez. Round ends with Sanchez gushing blood and Melendez looking fresh.

Round Three:  Both fighters exchange big shots just a minute into the final round and Melendez is blasting him with right hands. Sanchez is eating them like they’re nothing and fires back more crazy flurries of punches. Melendez is still getting the better of him and knocking his head back with punches. But we’ve seen this before with Sanchez and somehow he comes ou thee winner. Sanchez is gets the cut over his eye checked up on and it’s opened up some more. They reset and Sanchez drops Melendez with a left! Sanchez is all over him here and gets the back of Melendez. Melendez rolls out and Sanchez drops for a guillotine choke but Melendez is out of it immediately. They exchange the craziest punching exchanges for the rest of the fight and nobody falls down. Add this one to the fight of the year candidate.

Melendez via unanimous decision

– Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Shawn Jordan:

Round One: Jordan fires off a leg kick and Gonzaga answers with one of his own. Jordan looks to be laying back and looking to counter punch. Gonzaga pawing his hands out there and another snapping kick behind it. Jordan moves in with a left and a right behind it, Gonzaga counters with a right hook and Jordan is down. The follow-up shots on the ground leave Jordan limp. No backflips here!!!

Gonzaga via knockout @ 1:33 of Round One

– John Dodson vs. Darrell Montague:

Round One: Flyweights get the pay per view action started. Dodson looking to come back from a loss in his title shot. Montague making his Octagon debut. Montague comes out southpaw and so is Dodson. Dodson fires a left over the top and Montague answers with a kick to the oustide leg. Dodson lunges in and it looked like Montague tagged Dodson with a strong left hook. Dodson backs off and Montague is now leading the dance. Dodson fakes a left and comes across with a right hook to the side of Montague’s head. Dodson still circling along the outside of the Octagon while Montague is walkig him down. Dodson wings a left and Montague answers with a hard kick to the leg of Dodson. Double jab followed by a straight left that drops Montague. Dodson swarms on him and Montague somehow survives. Montague returns to the center and about thirty seconds go by before he starts walking Dodson down again. Dodson lands an uppercut and a big left behind it plants Montague right on his face. No need for follow-up punches as Montague is already done.

Dodson via knockout @ 4:13 of Round One

Preliminary card (Fox Sports 1)

– Tim Boetsch vs. C.B. Dollaway: Boetsch via split decision

– Nate Marquardt vs. Hector Lombard: Lombard via knockout @ 1:48 of Round One

– Sarah Kaufman vs. Jessica Eye: Eye via split decision

– George Sotiropoulos vs. KJ Noons: Noons via unanimous decision

Preliminary card (Facebook/Youtube)

– TJ Waldburger vs. Adlan Amagov: Amagov via Knockout @ 3:45 of Round One

– Tony Ferguson vs. Mike Rio: Fergusson via D’arce choke @ 1:52 of Round One

– Jeremy Larsen vs. Andre Fili: Fili via TKO @ :53 of Round Two

– Dustin Pague vs. Kyoji Horiguchi: Horiguchi via TKO @ 2:31 of Round Two