Bellator 102– Cedar Rapids, Iowa— Bellator MMA stops at the U.S Cellular Center for the welterweight semifinals of season 9. Also on the card are Ultimate Fighter season 3 veteran Kendall Grove and kickboxing standout Peter Graham.

It goes down tonight, October 18, 2013, starting @ 7:00 p.m. ET/4:00 p.m. PT with the preliminary fight card. Switch over to SPIKE TV after that for the remainder of the fight card, starting around 9:00 ET/6:00 PT.

Main Card (Spike TV)

– Brent Weedman vs. Rick Hawn:

Round One: Both fighters touch gloves and there’s no feeling out process as Weedman pushes Hawn up against the fence. Hawn avoids and fires off some punches before they restart in the center of the cage. Weedman lands a light knee up the middle. Weedman tries some kicks to the leg and Hawn makes him pay with a big overhand right that puts Weedman down. Hawn is all over him and Weedman gets closed guard. Hawn slows the pace and stays strong on top here. Weedman using a high guard that Hawn just backs out of. Weedman returns to his feet and fires off a kick to the body of Hawn. Hawn looking to counter with punches and Weedman circles out well. A telegraphed takedown attempt from Weedman is easily avoided by Hawn. Hawn with a right hand and he follows up with a nice combination. Low kick from Hawn lands and Weedman tries to return. Hawn barely off the mark with a right hand left hook and Weedman starts to press the action. Weedman tries to land a knee and Hawn clinches and presses Weedman up against the fence. Weedman turns it around and they both trade big punches before the bell sounds.

Round Two: Hawn leans in with a right hand and Weedman counters with a front kick. Hawn with a right left and Weedman continues to press forward. Weedman lands a left knee and drops for a single-leg. Hawn is balancing on one leg here and he breaks away. Big left hand from Hawn and a right behind it. Weedman fires off a low kick and another makes Hawn slip a little. Right hand from Hawn catches Weedman. He follows up with some hard jabs and left hooks that Weedman trades for a few light kicks. Weedman looks to be setting up another big knee but he forgets about it and goes back to trading punches to the face for kicks to the leg. Hawn moves in with a left that grazes the face of Weedman as the round ends.

Round Three: Looks like they’re picking up where they left off at the end of the second round. Hawn is landing right hands on Weedman. Weedman pushes forward and a spinning backfist lands on the top of Hawn’s head. Weedman going for a standing guillotine choke and Hawn pops his head out of it as Weedman went to drop down to finish the choke. Hawn with some ground and pound from top and Weedman almost has a triangle, but Hawn powers out of it and returns to his feet. Right left by Weedman and Hawn responds with one of his own. Weedman showing some urgency and lands a right hand followed by a left knee. Weedman kicks the leg and Hawn returns  with a right hand over the top. Less than thirty second left in the round and they both look like they want to box it out until the final bell. Hawn lands a few more shots before the round comes to an end. Fight’s over.

Hawn via unanimous decision

– War Machine vs. Ron Keslar:

Round One: Both fighters meet in the center to stare each other down and Mirgliotta gets us started. War Machine comes out with a leg kick and charges Keslar with punches, but he walks right into the trap and gets taken down and has his back taken. Keslar has two hooks in with his back up against the fence. War Machine tries to wall walk and Keslar holds on to the triangle around the body while softening his opponent up with right hands. War Machine looks stuck in this position and Keslar is working the neck. War Machine is leaking from his nose and it must have been from an earlier strike. War Machine fights the hands and stands up with Keslar hanging on his back. Keslar latches ahold of the choke and War Machine falls straight back with Keslar yanking on his neck before War Machine goes limp and the fight is over!

Keslar via rear naked choke @ 3:31 of Round One

– Kendall Grove vs. Joe Vedepo:

Round One: They touch gloves and Vedepo comes out walking Grove down. Body shot and a takedown behind it from Vedepo. Grove defends it well but Vedepo is stuck on him up against the fence. Right hand over the top by Vedepo and Grove throws out a push kick. Big punch from Grove drops Vedepo and he takes Grove down as soon as he tries to jump on him for the finish. Grove working for a triangle choke and Vedepo is in danger. Grove hooks the leg and pulls down on the head, but Vedepo is hanging in there. Grove transitions to an armbar and goes belly down and Vedepo finds a way out. Grove all over him here and takes top position on Vedepo. Vedepo tries to start a scramble and he’s right back in Grove’s triangle. Vedepo is staying heavy on top even with the submission fully locked in. Vedepo wiggles out and the round ends with Grove on bottom.

Round Two: Vedepo comes out popping his jab. Grove answers but he’s taken down by Vedepo. Grove trying to work for submissions from the bottom as he was in the opening frame. Vedepo takes his back and Grove carries his weight and stands back up. Vedepo off his back now and Grove is looking for ground and pound from top position. Grove standing over him now and works punches and kicks to  the outside leg of Vedepo. Vedepo reverses position and Grove locks in a tight guillotine choke that Vedepo works out of. Grove pushes off the fence with his feet and it looks like he’s rolling for an armbar. Vedepo angles out and stays heavy on top while Grove tries to fight his way back to his feet. Grove stands up and fires off a few strikes before getting pressed up against the cage once again. Groves hits a switch and Vedepo stay on a leg as the round ends.

Round Three: Grove again attempts to put together combinations while Vedepo is trying to wrestle his way to victory. They separate and Grove lands a stepping knee and follows up with more strikes. Vedpo gets the body lock and drags his opponent back down to the canvas. Grove fishing for submissions from bottom and Vedepo passes guard and goes for the back, but Grove returns to his feet and gets a takedown on Vedepo. Vedepo is bleeding badly from the standing strikes and makes his way back to his feet. Vedepo again gets Grove to think he’s gonna stand and exchange with him but uses Grove’s aggression to duck under and seal the takedown with just over a minute left in this fight. Grove again pushing off the cage for an armbar but he’s way too tired to pull off a late submission on the stronger wrestler. Just as I say that, Grove gets ahold of an armlock and Vedepo finds his way out of it.

Grove via unanimous decision

– Eric Prindle vs. Peter Graham:

Round One: Prindle pushes forward with punches and Graham shrugs him off. Graha, backs away and lands a few crushing low kicks. Prindle with a backfist attempt and Graham snaps off another kick to the leg of Prindle. They lock up in the clinch but Graham doesn’t want this fight to hit the ground as he’s the more technical stand-up fighter. Prindle with an elbow off the cage and misses with it. Prindle again tries to get ahold of Graham while Graham is shrugging them off with relative ease. Big flurry from Graham and he follows Prindle to the mat for some ground and pound. Prindle is defenseless here as Graham is unloading with punches and elbows that have Prindle cut open. They return to their feet and Graham lets off some more kicks before the round comes to a close.

Round Two: Prindle again rushes Graham while Graham dodges every punch and starts where he left off in the opening frame. Huge shots by Graham and Prindle is out on his feet. Dan Mirgliotta takes a close look at Prindle, but Graham just backs away. Prindle is still alive in this fight. Standing elbow from Graham tags Prindle’s dome and he returns to the leg kicking attack he started with. Body shot followed by a leaping left hook by Prindle. Graham takes it and continues to batter Prindle with his kickboxing. The kicks look to be taking their toll on Prindle as he’s limping around on his lead leg and his offense is slowing down. Backfist attempt by Prindle before the end of the round.

Round Three: Both fighters come out a lot slower than they were in the first two rounds of this fight. Graham’s kicks are slow with no power behind them. Prindle is so tired he can hardly even throw a punch out there. Prindle pushes Graham up against the cage and Graham fights out. Big right hands from Graham. Prindle circling around trying to avoid the low kicks and Graham just continues with his kicking attack. Graham lands a right hand followed by another and Prindle is on rubber legs. Graham goes for a crazy wheel kick that barely misses. Prindle lands a push kick to the face that drops Prindle. But he’s saved by the bell.

Graham via unanimous decision

Preliminary Card (

– Karl Amoussou vs. Paul Bradley: Bradley via unanimous decision

– Jared Downing vs. Rob Emerson: Emerson via heel hook @ 1:44 of Round One

– Rod Montoya vs. Paul Sass: Sass via toe hold @ 2:01 of  Round One

– Derek Loffer vs. Cliff Wright Jr.: Wright Jr. via armbar @ 4:28 of Round Two

– Mike Estus vs. Brandon Girtz: Girtz via armbar @ 4:25 of Round One

– Chris Lane vs. Andrew Tieva: Tieva via TKO @ 2:14 of Round One