Mulvane, Kansas– Season 9 of Bellator continues with a quick stop at the Kansas Star Arena to feature the featherweight tournament final bouts. Also on the card will be the gritty David Rickels, who will be looking to jump right back onto the Bellator MMA scene after getting smoked by Michael Chandler in just :44 seconds.

The preliminary card, which streams live from, will begin @ 4:00 pm PT/7:00 pm EST. The four main card bouts are set to unfold on Spike TV immediately following the prelim fights.

Main Card (Spike TV)

Patricio Freire vs. Fabricio Guerreiro:

Round One: Freire bouncing around on the outside and Guerreiro throws a right hand that Freire counters with a body lock. Guerreiro is being pressed into the fence and Freire trips him up and has him down. Halfguard for Guerreiro and I hope this won’t be a clone of the Wilcox fight. Freire working for a kimura from halfguard and Taimanglo gets out. Freire transitions to full mount and Guerreiro gets up shortly after and has Freire pressed up against the cage. Freire turns him around and gets deep on a double-leg takedown before moving to the back. Guerreiro drops for a leg lock and Freire stays strong enough to land in top position. Guerreiro has halfguard and Freire lands a a few short punches to the head and body of Guerreiro. Freire postures up an lands some more before backing away and rifling off some hard kicks to the leg of his downed opponent. Guerreiro to his feet and Freire rushes him with punches before the round ends.

Round Two: Guerreiro goes in for the tackle and Freire turns it around and moves to Guerreiro’s back for a second. Freire now has Guerreiro with his back against the cage and not much action is going on here. Referree breaks them apart and Guerreiro gets of a couple clean right hands. Inside head kick by Guerreiro misses and they’re clinched up once again. Some knees to the leg and body by Freire and the ref breaks it up again. They restart in the center of the cage and Guerreiro is being aggressive with his punching combinations. Left hook lands for Guerreiro and a leg kick behind it. Freire floors Guerreiro with a straight right hand and Guerreiro back to his feet right away. Freire gets a takedown as the second round comes to a close

Round Three: Right hand from Freire catches Guerreiro off-balance that forces him to shoot a takedown. Freire takes dominant position instead and starts working from side control. Guerreiro regains halfguard. Guerreiro back to his feet and Freire has him up on the fence and working knees in the clinch. Freire lifts Guerreiro and slams him to the canvas. Full guard for Guerreiro and Freire is peppering away with short punches to the head and body. Not much damage has been done from this position all night. They return to their feet and Guerreiro knows he’s lost the first two rounds so he’s winging punches at Freire with reckless abandon. Freire dodges them all and the fight ends dully.

Freire via unanimous decision

Justin Wilcox vs. Joe Taimanglo:

Round One: They touch gloves and Wilcox is being aggressive with his standup right off the bat. Taimanglo locks up a front choke for a second but Wilcox finds his way back up. Wild exchange and Wilcox was tagged by a big left from Taimanglo. Wilcox keeps the pressure on and Taimanglo lands a nice uppercut. Wilcox with the takedown and he’s got Taimanglo down on the ground. Wilcox locking up an arm triangle choke and Taimanglo wiggles his way free. Halfguard for Taimanglo and Wilcox is breaking him down with short elbows and punches. Wilcox again on the head & arm choke and Taimanglo isn’t having it. More short punches from Wilcox and Taimanglo can’t get anything going off his back. Thirty seconds left in the round and Taimanglo going for a kimura that Wilcox powers out of. They make their way back up and Taimanglo wings some punches before the round ends

Round Two: Taimanglo walks Wilcox down with heavy punches and Wilcox slips for a second before getting back to his feet. Wilcox with an inside kick followed by a looping right hand that are both off the mark. Wilcox shoots and Taimanglo shrugs him off. Straight left from Taimanglo and Wilcox ducks under for the takedown. Side control for Wilcox as he works some more short punches while he’s got Taimanglo down. Taimanglo gets halfguard and Wilcox keeps going for the arm triangle. Short elbows from Wilcox and he tries to take Taimanglo’s back while Taimanglo makes his way back to his feet. Wilcox is relentless with his wrestling and takes Taimanglo back to the ground. The round ends with Wilcox pressing Taimanglo’s head into the fence and working light ground and pound from top position.

Round Three: Wilcox gets the takedown and Taimanglo is fishing for a guillotine choke, but Wilcox is way too strong to get submitted here in round three. Wilcox briefly gets the back and Taimanglo turns back into him. Wilcox working for the head and arm choke but Taimanglo knows what he’s doing by now and finds his way out of it. Side control for Wilcox and he momentarily advances to mount before Taimanglo regains halfguard. Wilcox repeating what he did in the first two rounds–staying heavy on top and not being anxious about his ground and pound. Wilcox chipping away and Taimanglo looks like a fish out of water here. Half a minute remaining in the third and final. Wilcox working short elbows and punches from top to seal the round.

 Wilcox via unanimous decision

J.J. Ambrose vs. David Rickels:

Round One: Big reception for Rickels after he makes his way to the cage on his own homemade Flintstones mobile. Fight starts and Rickels begins with a light kicking attack before they collide in close. Ambrose gets off a few shots before pressing Rickels against the cage–but Rickels turns it around and starts landing crushing knees to the body that force Ambrose to duck under for a takedown. Rickels sprawls nicely and Ambrose again on the double-leg attempt along the fence. Rickels avoids and they break. Rickels walks Ambrose down and lands a nice push kick to the face of Ambrose. Nice knee from Rickels puts Ambrose on the canvas. Some ground and pound behind it before Ambrose makes his way back up and presses Rickels against the cage. Rickels explodes out and lands a nice combination of punches. Ambrose again looking to press Rickels against the cage and Rickels bullies him to the canvas. Full guard here for Ambrose and as Ambrose looks to make his way back up, Rickels takes his back and thinks about a choke, but Ambrose reverses position and ends up on top in Rickels’ guard. Elbows from the bottom by Rickels and the round ends with Ambrose in Rickels’ guard. Good first round!

Round Two: Rickels pushes forward and lands some inside kicks followed by a big right hand. Ambrose keeping his jab out there and Rickels swarms him and gets him against the fence. Big knee from Rickels puts Ambrose down on the canvas again–but a takedown on Rickels keeps him out of danger. Rickels on his back here and Ambrose is strong on top, not letting Rickels get anything going from guard. Not much action here and Big John calls for them to take it back upstairs. Rickels lands a shot and jumps on Ambrose. The fight looks close to being stopped before Ambrose takes top position on Rickels once again. A triangle attempt from Rickels looks close, but Ambrose easily avoids it.  They are back up and Rickels lands another big shot and jumps on Ambrose before the end of the round.

Round Three: Rickels comes out blasting punches and Ambrose returns before shooting for a takedown. Rickels with his feet on the hips and powers his way back to his feet. Big right hand from Rickels forces Ambrose to return to his desperate takedown attempts. Rickels not really concerned about getting Ambrose off of his legs and lands some elbows and punches to the body. The onslaught continues as both fighters are up on the fence. Ambrose deep on this single and Rickels locks up a modified triangle position while hammering away at his opponent’s body. Ambrose can’t find his way out and Big John stops the fight.

Rickels via TKO @ 2:37 of round three

Aaron Rosa vs. Mikhail Zayats:

Round One: Rosa charges forward with punches and Zayats uses his momentum to get Rosa to the ground. Zayats immediately works for a kimura and cranks the lock until the tap comes early in the first round.

Zayats via submission (kimura) @ :47 seconds of round one

Preliminary Card (

Cody Carrillo vs. Ricky Musgrave: Musgrave via submission (kimura) @ 2:59 of round one
Jeimeson Saudino vs. Jesse Thornton: Saudino via split decision
Donnie Bell vs. Marcio Navarro: Bell via submission (rear-naked-choke) @ 2:03 of round one
Maurice Jackson vs. Matt Uhde: Jackson via TKO (cut stoppage) @ :52 seconds of round one
Remy Bussieres vs. Blake Pool: Bussieres via unanimous decision
Wayman Carter vs. Carlos Eduardo: Edurardo via submission (rear-naked-choke) @ 2:06 of round one